Dear John, I'm applying for a deputy head of year 7 post and need some advice


I’m just wondering if you could give me some advice about writing a brief application for a deputy head of year 7 post.  I’ll need to send it to my head and need some help on what she might be looking for.



Look at the job/person specification and match yourself to them, and then write your application round them.  If this is an internal appointment, you need to ensure that the head knows all your good points to make sure that your application stands out from the rest, particularly if you are based in a large school where the head may not really know you.

Make sure that you mention why you want the post and what you can bring to this.  Mention any particular work with tutor groups and individual pupils as this will be key to a good application. 

Remember, the practice of completing the application form will be helpful for any future posts.  Good luck!

John Howson worked as a secondary school teacher in London for seven years before moving into teacher training and consultancy, including a brief period as a chief government advisor. John is now a recruitment analyst, visiting professor of education at Oxford Brookes University and hosts our Career Clinic where you can post questions to him