Dear John: Is it difficult to find UK work if you are a teacher from the USA?


How difficult is it to work in the UK if you are a teacher from the USA? Advice or direction please!


Could be almost impossible unless you have a right to work in the UK. Might just be possible if you are a secondary maths or science teacher, but even then possibilities are reducing. The UKBA control immigration and their web site might be a good place to start:

You could contact one of the teacher supply agencies and see whether they have any sponsors looking for teachers with your skill set. Some international schools might also be able to offer employment and there may be exchange schemes for temporary work, but don’t hold your breath.


John Howson worked as a secondary school teacher in London for seven years before moving into teacher training and consultancy, including a brief period as a chief government advisor. John is now a recruitment analyst, visiting professor of education at OxfordBrookes University and hosts our Career Clinic where you can post questions to him.