Dear John: Where can I find out about working as a teacher in a hospital?


Just looking for a little bit of help. I’m applying for a job in a hospital teaching kids (secondary age) but I want to find out more about the statutory regulations relating to education and care. I’m not sure where to find this out? I’ve googled and found a couple of things. It’d be amazing if someone did work in that setting could get in touch?

It sounds like a really interesting role, I just want to make sure I understand all that it involves.


Children are entitled to schooling, and those with long-term medical conditions that require constant hospital admissions are likely to come under the wing of hospital schools. Those with chronic conditions that lead to regular absence from school, but not hospitalisation, are likely to be less well catered for by the system unless a local authority can set up some sort of arrangement to meet their needs. I wonder how many children who fall behind have this type of attendance record and just cannot keep up. The problem is that many who are ill are also too unwell to be able to study or concentrate.

On hospital schools; have you looked at the Great Ormond Street Hospital School web site? This might be a good place to start.


John Howson worked as a secondary school teacher in London for seven years before moving into teacher training and consultancy, including a brief period as a chief government advisor. John is now a recruitment analyst, visiting professor of education at OxfordBrookes University and hosts our Career Clinic where you can post questions to him.