Design and Technology collection

Design and Technology Week (25 - 29 June) is a great excuse to plan some hands-on classroom activities that allow students to explore their creative side. Try these hand-picked projects and quizzes, and help the children of today become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Fuelling the fire

  • Send a Cow video exploring how mud stoves built in Africa save energy – great inspiration for a class project.

Keeping cosy

  • Every pupil can have a comfy cushion to take home with this Nuffield Foundation printed cushion cover project.

Dragons’ Den exercise

  • Pupils can demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit with this healthy game proposal task.

Sea speed

  • Have fun in the water with this rubber band-powered boat project.

Community spirit

  • Gallions’ Primary School offers a fantastic case study about community design. Get pupils exploring the area then creating a representative mural while studying art skills and movements.

Cherished treasure

  • Help pupils create a beautiful decorated box with this project plan from Nuffield Foundation.

Lord of the land

  • A fantastic cross-curricula activity where pupils imagine a new country and create a pop-up book about an adventure in the land.

Building blocks

  • Create treehouses for Lego men in this fun construction modelling task.

Solar system montage

  • Create and display models of our neighbouring planets and the sun with this project brief to end a space topic.


Admiring accessories

  • Help students create their own jewellery with this step-by-step project guide.


  • Encourage students to create their own design briefs with this easy template.

Bag from rubbish

  • Get creative and stay sustainable with this recycled bag project.

Who made what?

  • Explore some of the stars of contemporary design with these fact files. Great for display or to inspire research projects.

You’re hired

  • This Apprentice-style group project organises groups of students to create torch packaging.

Big brother is watching you

  • Design a new chair where housemates can pour their hearts out in the diary room of the popular reality TV show.

Tasty topic

  • Get students to think with their taste buds in this pizza design project.

Wearing the mark

  • Project work students can wear with pride: a quick and creative t-shirt design project.