Diamond Jubilee collection

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 60 year reign over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth territories this year (5 June). Use this celebration to explore the history of the British monarchy, engage with all things British and investigate the diverse cultures within her kingdom. We’ve hand-picked some of the best resources on TES to get you started.

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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

  • Explore the life and reign of Her Majesty, the Queen - From her coronation at the age of 25 to raising her family, and travelling the world on a scale unparalleled by previous Monarchs. Learn more about our extraordinary monarch and the territories she rules with fun resources from the official website of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Royal celebrations

Jubilee time capsule

  • Get your pupils scribbling stories and drawing designs to include in the Jubilee online capsule with this selection of cross-curriculum lesson plans from the RoyalCommonwealthSociety.

60 activities for 60 years

  • Quick and easy ideas to celebrate the Jubilee.

Creative planning

  • A cross-curricula Jubilee plan for the Scottish CfE.

Royal bloodline

  • Smartboard file for placing photos on the royal family tree.

Royal bonanza

  • Eccentricities and responsibilities are put on show in this pictorial PowerPoint about Her Majesty the Queen, complete with fun design activities.

Cooking for charity

  • Plan a party and celebrate the commonwealth while raising money for one of its member states- Uganda - with these bunting templates, invites and recipes for Ugandan Loaf from Sendacow.

Journey through the decades

  • Elizabeth II has seen a world of change during her reign, get students sorting key events with this ‘guess the decade’ card game.

Quiz of the reign

  • From pop culture to politics, fashion to friends – while royal life is quite reserved, can students identify the big people, styles and objects that have shaped Elizabeth’s reign for us?

My family remembers

  • For a journey down memory lane, help students collate their own family history and see how life has changed since Elizabeth ascended to the throne with this colourful pack from Franklinwatts.

A right royal photo wall

  • Start the party by decorating your classroom with these beautiful images of important members of the royal family.

God save the Queen

  • Guide students through the history of our national anthem and help them learn to play it with this musical lesson.

Kings and queens

  • A creative curriculum planner for approaching the history of Britain’s kings and queens.

Kings, Queens and Rulers

  • TESiboard collection covering 24 rulers from across the globe whose influence has been felt throughout the ages.

A Young Princess Elizabeth: Understanding Timelines

  • A detailed timeline of Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood, an accompanying template for students to create their own and a quiz.

Monarchy mathematics

Jubilee conundrums

  • Improve lateral thinking skills with these Jubilee-themed problem solving tasks.

A party fit for a Queen

  • There are 22 guests coming to the Jubilee street party so how much food will pupils need to purchase and how much will it all cost? A great context for some practical maths.

Working out the way

  • From burning beacons to Will and Kate’s journey time, this set of maths mysteries will help tell the story of the celebrations.

Jubilicious arithmetic

  • An adapted version of the ’24 game’ with the commemorative Jubilee logo.

A Coronation crown

  • Crown templates for designing symmetrical patterns of sparkling diamonds.

Royal Trump

  • Have fun playing mathematical games with this commemorative pack of royal top trumps cards.

Diamond science

Mystery of the crown jewels

  • The police need a detailed report of how to test whether the crown jewels have been replaced by fakes. This investigation gets students having fun with a comic book task to finish.

Crown jewel robbery

  • Simulation science task where students must find the stolen crown jewels by experimenting with separating mixing.

Is the crown solid gold?

  • Using chemical and physical examination students can work out how to tell whether the crown is pure gold in this fun, enquiry lesson.

Thieves V Guards

  • Who will win in this game where thieves want to outsmart the Tower of London’s guards, while the guards what to catch them by displaying their wit? The winning team is the one that knows the most about the metals and gems used in the crown and other royal jewels.


Face Britain

  • Be a part of this world record breaking attempt, submit students’ self-portraits today.

Jubilee woods project

  • Help plant a tree this year and be part of the attempt to get 6 million new trees in the ground for the Jubilee year.

Jubilee menu

  • Design a menu fit for a queen and maybe your school’s succulent soiree will be selected for Her Majesty.

Big Lunch resources

The Big Lunch falls on the Jubilee weekend this year. Use these resources to prepare your party and develop subject-specific skills with a celebratory theme.

Getting the word out

  • An advertising tasks to make a shout out for a street party.

Big Lunch Scrooge

  • Chair a debate after whether a street party is a good or bad idea.

Party planning

  • From meals to seating plans, students can become event organisers with this fun lesson.

Cultural cohesion

  • Explore street food from around the world and create a menu and stall in another language.

Jubilee diary

  • Queen Victoria (the only other monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee) famously wrote a diary of her daily life. Help students structure a diary through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II with this fictional writing resource.

Jubilee Flags & Bunting

Decorate your classroom

  • Decorate your classroom with this great Jubilee resource from TES partner First News.
  • Visit the First News profile for more Jubilee resources in the coming weeks!