TES in print, online and in person.

Research conducted by the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) indicates that targeted business media brands such as TES Magazine are key for advertisers wishing to engage with business decision makers. At least 54% of business decision makers rely on print publications to help them make a purchasing choice whilst 93% have taken direct action such as purchasing or requesting a quote as a result of an advert on a business media website.

TES offers you the opportunity to market your organisation to the world's largest network for teachers and further educational professionals which can be further segmented, by location, by role, by field and by demographic information allowing you to have highly effective, targeted campaigns with little or no wastage.

As an organisation that prides itself on creativity, we start by discussing your objective and then work together on ways in which it can be achieved and often, exceeded. That is why 99% of advertisers would use TES again1.

Our solution set comprises of:

  • Print advertising with TES Magazine which gives you access to a print readership of 378,0002 readers a week.
  • Online advertising on www.tes.co.uk which has 7.7 million visits a month3.
  • Promotional opportunities within certain electronic communications such as newsletters, job alerts and other opt-in communications.
  • Creative services including advert design and copywriting
  • Video production for the most dynamic way to advertise your role.

The TES Difference

We deliver targeted, relevant and successful campaigns that are competitively priced and easy to measure. By working closely with our customer base we are able to devise products and services that are user friendly, cost effective and deliver results. In display advertising this means continuous investment in our titles and in subscription activities to maintain our market leading position, giving you the largest multi platform education specific audience in the UK. It also means formatting the publication to ensure that your adverts appear alongside the most popular and relevant features improving reading rates and recall. We also provide you with you with free help and advice on the best way to approach your campaign from concept to completion.

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  2. NRS England: Jan – Dec 2011
  3. ABC: May 2012