Download your free calendar wallpaper

Like our piratey topical teaching calendar for September? Then why not download it and use it as desktop wallpaper for your computer or mobile device.

You can download it in a variety of sizes to suit your device:

Binary Data pirate_320_480.gif%20 Binary Data pirate_640_960.gif%20

320 x 480 – best for iPhone/iPod

640 x 960 – best for iPhone/iPod Retina

Binary Data pirate_1024_768.gif%20

768 x 1024 – best for iPad

1024 x 768 – best for medium and small monitors

Binary Data pirate_1366_768.gif%20 Binary Data pirate_1366_768.gif%20

1366 × 768 – best for widescreen monitors

1280 × 1024 – best for large monitors

Download your free calendar wallpaper now

Look out for more downloadable calendars over the coming months. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see featured on a calendar, let us know at