Earth Hour teaching resources

In today’s digital society we recoil in horror at the thought of having no electricity to fuel our desires. But Earth Hour Day (31 March), the largest environmental event in history, reminds us that switching off can be a good thing. Make a stand and teach students about climate issues – prepare them to take responsibility for change in the future with this hand-picked selection of lesson plans and activities.

The official Earth Hour Day website

TES Partner WWFshare a number of resources to embrace Earth Hour Day and to raise awareness about the issues of sustainability and climate change – help pupils build a better future and start saving the planet today.

Whole school

Climate change creativity

Activate pupils with Oxfam’s suggestions for climate change awareness.

The only one we’ve got

A poem to reflect on Earth Hour Day.


Polar penguins

These lovable creatures could be under threat! With this mask making activity pupils can research and discuss how global warming is affecting Arctic species.

Creative compost

Get to action now! Start helping the environment with this lesson on green micro-organisms and make a mini-compost heap today.

A climate tale

Visual and simple factual story explaining global warning and greenhouse gases.

Get started

A Send A Cow enquiry starter of info boxes for pupils to start questioning the effect climate change is having in Africa.

Teachers in the freezer

Swapping the classroom for ice caverns, follow the journey of four teachers who explore life in Antarctica.

Playing for climate

Board games to role-play fill this ChristianAid‘crazy climate’ assembly pack.

Get practical about change

Sunny Schools share this pack of challenges, photo cards and investigations for a hands-on approach to preventing climate change.


Give Earth a hand

Stimulate sustainable thinking with this lyrical video from Greenpeace and GreenTV.

Interactive climate

NGfL Cyrmu share animations and activities to engage students with issues of climate change.

Windy challenge

Sketches of today could be energy-savers of tomorrow with this quest to design and build the best wind turbine.

Is it our fault?

A Debating Matters guide to hosting a post-16 debate on climate change issues.

Energy overview

An extensive energy booklet revising all aspects of energy and sustainability.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

It’s far easier than students may think to save energy today, get them started with this organic power activity turning lemons into batteries.

Causes and consequences

From the things we do to the things that might happen - this extensive presentation covers all in a visually engaging format.

Who’s responsible

Role cards to stimulate a climate change class debate.