Earth sun moon

Space, planets and solar activities, IWB, worksheets and planning resources

IWB / planning

Space Song Book

A collection of poems, songs and rhymes based on Space.

The Moon

Website and lesson plan with an activity to build a nanorover.

All about space

Introductory PowerPoint exploring, Sun, Moon and planets.

Space assembly

A script and visual elements within a PowerPoint.

Earth Sun and Moon review

A fun end of unit assessment in a Who wants to be a millionaire? format.

Phases of the Moon

A visual Smart board file illustrating the phases of the Moon.

Gravity and space

A who wants to be a millionaire template, that can be used for SATs revision.

Space plenary

A slideshow with questions on space.

Phases of the Moon

Power point showing the phases of the Moon.

Sun, Moon and Earth

Plans for a Year 5 class.

Space - Earth and Beyond

A 6 week project under the topic umbrella of The Earth and Beyond.

Worksheet / activities

The Solar System Domino

A fun game to help students to learn about the solar system.

Earth Sun and Moon Colouring Sheet

Worksheet showing Earth orbiting sun and moon orbiting Earth.

Weight and Mass

Pupils can work out how much they would weigh on various objects in our solar system.

Singable science

A song ‘Picture The Sun’ has been used to great effect in SATS revision.

Earth Sun and Moon

Colouring sheet showing Earth orbiting sun and moon orbiting Earth, with simple questions.

Phases of the Moon

Simple worksheet for understanding the phases of the Moon.

Facts about the Sun

A writing frame with a wordbank for pupils to record facts about the Sun.

Demonstrating night and day

A game to demonstrating that the rotation of the Earth will give the appearance of sun rise and sun set.

Eclipses and tides

Lunar and solar eclipse cloze diagrams and tides cloze diagrams.

Earth, Sun and Moon homework

Four printable worksheet for homework.