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:-) Smile; laugh; I’m joking
:-( Frown; sadness; Bummer
:) Variant of :-) or Have a nice day
:( Variant of :-(
;-) Wink; denotes a pun or sly joke
:-O Yelling or screaming; or completely shocked
:-() Can’t (or won’t) stop talking
:-D Big, delighted grin
:-P Sticking out your tongue
:-] or :-} Sarcastic smile
%-) Confused but happy; or drunk
%-( Confused and unhappy
:’-( Crying
:’-) Crying happy tears
:-| Can’t decide how to feel; no feelings either way
:-\ Mixed but mostly happy
:-/ Mixed but mostly sad
* Kiss
{} or [] Hug
{{{***}}} Hugs and kisses


Type the following codes surrounded by square brackets eg [:)]

Code Smiley Description
:) Smile
:D Big Smile
:O Surprise
:P Stick out tongue
;) Wink
:( Sad
:S Tongue Tied
:| Indifferent
:(( Crying
:$ Embarrassed
H Cool
:@ Angry
A Angel
6 Devil
8-| Geeked
:# Zip it!
:-* Whisper
:^) Huh?
<:o) Party!!!
|-) Sleep
Y Yes
B Beer
{ Left Hug
8 Music
* Star
O Time
pi Pizza
au Automobile
um Umbrella
co Computer
st Storm
mo Moon
8o| Super Angry
^o) Hmm
+o( Ick!
*-) Confused
8-) Confused
C Coffee
N No
D Drinks
Z Person
} Right Hug
^ Cake
U Broken Heart
G gif"t
W Wilted Flower
~ Movie
& Dog
I Idea
S Sleep
E Email
ap Travel
ip Paradise
li Lightning