Emotional well-being teaching resources

A new collection for secondary teachers and professionals who work with young people

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Videos from Teachers TV


A personal look at the trauma of self-harm – a video from Teachers TV

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A teenager describes life with OCD – a video from Teachers TV

I am bovvered

One dedicated teacher takes a huge risk to help troubled girls. Headteacher Sue Tinson has risked £500,000 of personal debt to open The Serendipity Centre - a school for girls with complex emotional and behavioural issues – a video from Teachers TV

Further resources for well-being

Psychology for teenagers – guidance for young people on ‘making the most of who you are’

Advice for teenagers including: Growing up and growing older / the human condition / getting to know yourself / living with people & relationships / the future

Attitude is everything

Practical strategies to challenge negative thinking - research for teacher support.

How do you feel – flashcards

Flashcards/Display about feelings. Words to talk about feelings with. Creative writing vocabulary resource

Emotional literacy interactive Power Point

The powerpoint contains a slide with over 100 emotions on it. By clicking on the word it will be highlighted in yellow. I have used this with Key Stage 3 to develop empathy and to discuss feelings and emotions experienced during puberty, the students felt more comfortable choosing the words from the board then having to think of them themselves.

Being Victor – Episode 1

A teen soap-opera designed to support teaching of the PSHE curriculum. The video episodes are free and can be downloaded at www.truetube.co.uk Vinnie Dupe’s life feels like a bad sitcom. He’s in love with his best friend Eva, who just started dating Danny - who is seeing Vinnie’s sister, Lesley, on the side. So it’s no wonder Vinnie decides to create a supercool online alter ego called Victor so he can put the world to rights on his blog - but then… things start to get out of control…

Mental health (depression and anxiety)

A powerpoint exploring depression and anxiety with links to you tube clips.

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