End-of-term quizzes

As the school year draws to a close, keep your pupils focussed and motivated with this collection of quizzes and enjoyable teaching resources. Test your students’ knowledge on a variety of subjects, encourage teamwork and make the most of the end of term.


Logic quiz

Students work in groups to answer different styles of questions using logic and reasoning.

Let’s get quizzical

A general knowledge quiz to use at the end of term.

60-question quiz

General knowledge questions, anagrams, dingbats and other quiz activities for the end of term.

Geography, film and sports

Test your students’ knowledge of geography, film and sports with this end-of-year quiz.

Class quiz

A short quiz to use in your class towards the end of term.

Short quizzes

Nine short quizzes on history, music, books, films, maths and geography.

Competition quiz

Students answer general knowledge questions and identify different objects and people.

End-of-term quiz

Cross-curricular and mixed-ability quiz rounds on a variety of subjects.

Mixed-up quiz

A quick tutor time or end of term to test students’ general knowledge.

History quiz

An extensive history quiz to try with your students at the end of term.

Book quiz

Put your students’ literary knowledge to the test with this extensive book quiz.

Quick quiz

Short-round quizzes on maths, English, history and geography.


Create your own Pointless-style quizzes with this PowerPoint template.

Quiz time

A wide selection of adaptable general knowledge questions.

Other activities:

Lateral thinking activity

Bamboozle your class with this bumper collection of lateral thinking exercises for all ages.

Treasure hunt quiz

Go hunting for treasure, but beware! Loot can only be plundered by answering a question correctly.


With pieces of cheese up for grabs, which mouse will eat the most? Pupils go head-to-head in this direction-based game.

Space hunt

Teamwork is key in this interactive game where pupils collect discarded fuel canisters while avoiding the meteors.


A game using turns and distance to capture all the flies in as few moves as possible.

Blockbusters template

Fill in the questions and images and ask your students to find the correct answer with this Blockbusters template.

Guess Who?

A game to test the descriptive skills and celebrity knowledge of any child in this adaptation of the popular board game.