Engineering and mechanics teaching resources

Motor vehicle, aircraft and health and safety teaching resources suitable for BTEC, ABC and other vocational engineering courses. From instructional PowerPoints to workbooks, websites to careers videos, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Maths and science skills for Engineers

Energy, work and power

  • A host of worksheets and PowerPoints designed to cover the formulae behind energy, work and power.


  • Logarithm proofs, examples, worksheets and challenging questions to cover these essential algebraic methods.

Angry Bird parabolas

  • A good starter for graphs and quadratic equations incorporating the popular video game.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

  • Engineers can refresh and reinforce their mechanical knowledge with this introductory PowerPoint to Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Properties and application

  • Explain the molecular structures of engineering materials with these visual PowerPoints.

Aircraft engineering

Testing a super jumbo jet wing

  • The importance of precise engineering is emphasised in this BBC Class Clips video of a jumbo jet wing being quality tested.

Jumbo maintenance

  • A look at the processes engineers must perform when carrying out maintenance checks on jumbo jets.

Helicopter rotor blades

  • The theory behind composite materials and helicopter rotor blades is explained here.

Health & Safety

Healthy & Safety in the work place

  • A database in progress which concerns itself with health and safety in the workplace – an especially important factor in the work place of an engineer.

Safety in engineering

  • This unit of work goes over the necessary requirements for safety in the engineering work place.

Health & Safety workbook

  • A comprehensive workbook that covers the key issues of the ABC health and safety unit.

Risk assessment

  • Assignment brief on preparing the engineering work place.

Motor Vehicle engineering

Motor vehicles workbooks

  • A wide range of workbooks covering the different aspects of motor vehicle skills from key processes to tools and maintenance.

Key skills

  • Resources to develop vital skills for the motor vehicle sector.

Vehicle parts videos

  • Watch and learn with these NGfL Cymru videos and accompanying booklets on the major parts of the motor vehicle.

Engineering skills

Making an aluminum case

  • Budding engineers use engineering drawings and precision tools to create an aluminum case for a metronome circuit, created for BTEC level one unit two.

Making a metronome circuit

  • A unit of work for BTEC level one, unit seven complete with assessment sheets on the building of a metronome circuit.

Casting and molding

  • An instructive PowerPoint introducing these engineering processes.

Engineering careers

Skills needed for engineering

  • A PDF outlining the skills needed to embark on an engineering course.

Project Engineer

  • Completing projects is a big part of being a successful engineer, and this case study will demonstrate the qualities needed to achieve that.

What is engineering?

  • A slideshow explaining basic earnings, products made and types of jobs on offer in the industry.

Airbus case study

  • A look at an apprenticeship within the aerospace industry and the skills acquired from it.

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