English, drama and media - Olympics

Fast-paced persuasion

  • This lesson reminds us of the power of speech asking students to practise persuasive techniques.

Olympic extracts

  • A range of Non-Fiction Olympic-themed articles – great preparation for the AQA GCSE.

Heroic inspiration

  • Engraved on the walls of the Olympic village Tennyson’s poem, Ulysses is an inspirational text. Study it closely with this comprehension and research lesson.

Crossing the track

  • Challenge your pupils to write an Olympic acrostic – and an added challenge for more able pupils.

Recording the Games

  • This extensive 3-part Non-Fiction resource for KS3 is a veritable treasure trove of Olympic activities.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

History of the Olympics

  • How much do you know about the history of the Olympic Games?

Big Olympic Quiz

  • Do you know your Olympics Greats? How well do you know Team GB?

Olympians Picture Quiz

  • This picture quiz will ask students to identify several Olympic athletes, both old and new.

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