Explore your new Community

The new Community section of our website is now live and ready for you to use.

Explore your new Community

The new Community section of our website is now live and ready for you to use.

TES Community is all about you – we want to give you the power to connect like never before with people who share your interests, tastes and passions. You’re able to set up your own groups containing a forum and/or blogs.

Where are my favourite forums?

Don’t worry – you can see a list of links to all the forums at www.tesconnect.com/TESForums. The new Community homepage features all the familiar discussion categories and the handy navigation bar at the top lets you navigate to any area easily.

All the old TES Forums have ‘TES’ at the beginning of the forum name, so the ‘English’ forum can be found in the ‘TES English’ group. Your hotlist works as before.

Steps to setting up your own group

1. It’s easy

Any TES Connect member is able to set up a group. A single page guides you through the options.

2. You’re in control

It’s all about you – you decide how open or private your group is, from a high-profile public forum going out to a wide audience to a private chat among friends. You are able to invite your friends to join using either their TES usernames or their email addresses.

3. Now what?

Every group can have a forum and you can appoint group members as managers to share the task of managing the group. You can also blog and each group can have multiple blogs and bloggers. Use it as a way to update your group with the latest news… or just set up your own personal blog – it’s up to you.

New profile and search tools

The new TES profile page makes it easier for you to keep up to date with what’s going on in your Community. You can see what’s going on with your groups, friends and resources using the activity stream.

You are also able to find what you’re looking for with our enhanced search tools. The new filtered search lets you find exactly those groups that interest you and the hotlist allows you to keep tabs on the latest contributions to your favourite groups and forums.


What will you do with yours?

You can set up groups, forums and blogs on any topic you want to – here are some examples:

  • Get together with other geography teachers across the globe
  • Share your favourite lesson ideas in your own blog
  • Discuss Diwali celebrations with teachers in Delhi
  • Start a blog to talk about your experiences as a supply teacher
  • Put your book club discussions online
  • Exchange assembly ideas with teachers in Australia
  • Invite all your TES friends to a group where you can share recipes
  • Stay in touch with the teachers you trained with at Edge Hill

…the possibilities are endless.

What do you think?

We really want to hear what you think – so please send your comments and queries to community@tes.co.uk.