Facts and figures about entering teaching

In percentage points….



Rise over six months in the number of people enquiring about becoming a teacher. (TDA)



The increase in men applying for primary courses in the past year (2008). Still, this means just 325 more men compared with 777 more women. (Education Data Surveys)


The increase in applications for primary places. With just over 16,000 applicants for approaching 8,000 places, this is still less than two applicants per place. Maybe the market hasn’t yet started to understand that rolls are rising in the primary sector, and this may be a good source of employment in the coming years. (EDS)


The increase in applications to teach design and technology since 2008. Other ‘real world’ subject winners are home economics and business studies, whose applications have also risen by around two thirds on this time last year. (EDS)


Increase in numbers of applicants to teach biology. Other shortage STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects have also gained in popularity: physics (36%), and mathematics (25%). (EDS)


The decline in course applications to teach ICT. It’s the surprising loser in the current economic climate with the lowest February figure since 2002 (EDS)

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