Facts and figures about supply teaching


The number of supply teachers employed in maintained schools in England, according to a January 2008 census. It was the lowest figure recorded for the annual census in the last eight years, the highest being 19,600 in 2001.


Per cent of supply teachers surveyed had 20 years or more of service. This compares with permanent teacher respondents, for whom the corresponding percentage was 28 per cent.
General teaching Council survey, 2007


The percentage of supply teachers that is female
GTC supply teacher survey, 2007


Percentage of supply teachers that works in primary schools. This compares to a much smaller 25 per cent of the sample working in secondary schools.
GTC survey, 2007


Per cent of registered supply teachers opt to join the GTC professional network, in order to access training and support.
GTC, October 2008


Of an equivalent fulltime salary is the method that local authorities use to calculate the day rate of a supply teacher. Agencies do not offer standard rates.
School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document


Pounds sterling is the price of a Criminal Records Bureau report. You’ll need one for the first time you show up at a school and your agency will organise this for you. Some agencies share CRB documents, others do not, so check.
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