Facts and figures about working conditions for teachers


The rank that teaching occupies on Bath University’s 2007 league table of ‘Happy Professions’. Teachers are getting happier; in 1999, it was in 54th position.


Number of head teachers and deputies who quit the profession early in 2007 because of work pressures. (National Association of Head Teachers).


Number of ‘directed’ hours that teachers are contracted to work per week. (School Teachers’ Review Body).


Actual, mean  hours that primary teachers work. (School Teachers’ Review Body).


Actual, mean hours that secondary teachers work. (School Teachers’ Review Body).


to 1. The ratio of calls that the Teacher Support Network receives about workload or financial problems compared to classroom behaviour problems. (May 2008).


In two teachers have been physically abused by pupils and nine out of ten have been verbally abused. (Teacher Support Network figures in 2007)


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