FAQ Pages: Tes smartMatch Team Help

Who are the Tes smartMatch Team?

The Tes smartMatch Team are a team of recruitment consultants here to help you find your next career move. When working with schools to place candidates, the team check through the Tes bank of member profiles to search and select individuals whose My CV matches the job the opportunity. To be considered for future roles you’ll need to be a registered member of tes.com. If you’re not registered already, select “Register for free” and then log in.

How do I opt-in to be contacted by the Tes smartMatch Team?

Once you have registered your information on tes.com, log into your Tes account. then click on your name or image at the top right of the screen, select My CV.  Read the statement at the top of the page and tick the “I’d like to be contacted” box to make your profile visible to the Tes Talent Team. This means we can now contact you directly should a job opportunity match your CV and interests.

How will the Tes smartMatch Team contact me?

If a job matches your My CV and you have opted in to be contacted, the Tes smartMatch Team can now contact you directly, firstly by email and then, if you’re interested in the role, a scheduled call. After discussing the opportunity, you can then decide if you want to progress with your application, you are under no obligation to do so.  Your details will never be shared with a school unless you give us express permission.

How do I complete My CV?

1 To create My CV log into your Tes account. Once logged-in, click on your name or image at the top right of the screen. Then select My CV.

2 Start by reviewing your current career information in the My CV area. If you need to update your details you can do so here.

3 Click on your name or image at the top right of the screen and select Career Preferences. Fill in details of the roles you would like to apply for. You can add up to 10 roles by clicking on the Add another job link.

4 Now choose the locations where you would like to work from the drop down list in the Location area of the page. You can add up to five locations.

5 Make sure you tick the relevant boxes if you are interested in part-time or supply work, or if you are willing to relocate.

Your next step is to wait for us to send you the details of selected jobs that match your CV and preferences. This will firstly be done via email to your registered email address, followed by a schedule call with the Tes smartMatch Team.

Keep your information up-to-date

To ensure we only send you relevant jobs, it’s important to keep your career preferences and CV as up to date as possible. You can return to My CV or Career Preferences at any time to update your details.

I no longer want to be contacted by the Tes smartMatch Team

If you’re no longer looking for a job and do not want to be contacted by the Tes smartMatch Team, simply untick the "I'd like to be contacted" box at the top of the My CV page – don’t forget you can switch your profile visibility back on at any time.

Will my personal data be visible to schools or other third parties?

No. Don't worry: unless you have given your explicit consent for us to do so we do not share personally identifiable data with third parties outside of the Tes group. My CV is automatically only visible to you, and it only becomes visible to the Tes Group teams if you choose to opt in.

Do I still need to create a job alert?

We recommend that you set up job alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on any suitable jobs. More details on how to create a job alert.