Five steps to great interview preparation!

  1. Prepare yourself; know the job description inside out, research the school fully. If you are offered the opportunity to visit the school beforehand, do. This will give you a chance to experience the school’s dynamics, speak to the children and staff and get an idea of the sort of candidate the school is looking for.
  2. Ensure you are up to speed with current affairs in the country you are applying to.
  3. Ask someone to give you a practice interview; your tutor, a mentor or senior manager at your placement school will probably be all too willing to help. Ask them to be blunt about bad habits, including body language.
  4. Write out bullet points of your strengths and the questions that you would like to ask and are likely to be asked at interview. These may be on topics such as classroom management, discipline, strategy etc, so ensure you have thought about these things and formed set ideas about what you would talk about if asked.
  5. Practice interviewing on Skype - many international schools carry out initial interviews using Skype. Get a friend to help you do some mock interviews, record the interview and review your performance, looking for any areas of improvement.