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Welcome to the TES forums where the teaching community come to let off steam, swap ideas and ask for advice.

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What’s new in the forums?

Welcome to the TES forums where the teaching community come to let off steam, swap ideas and ask for advice.

If you’ve never used the TES forums before read our First time forum user guide and if you need live help with the forums then visit our Welcome forum.

If you’re already a user of our forums, you’ll find that we’ve added a host of new features designed to make the forums easier to use. The guide below takes you through some of the new areas:

Why has a picture box appeared next to my posts?

You’ll see that above each of your posts your username appears along with a picture. The image or avatar is part of your new TES profile. Click on this image and you’ll be taken to that user’s profile.

Profiles allow you to network with other teachers, find friends and share resources.

To set up a Profile you first have to log in, if you’re an existing user, or register, if you haven’t already signed up with TES Connect. Once you’ve logged in you’ll find a panel appears on the right hand side – this is your Profile Panel (see the screen below).

What’s happened to my hotlist?

Don’t worry we haven’t lost all the saved forums you’d put into your Hotlist. You’ll find this data when you click on the Hotlist button in your Profile Panel. Click on the View your Hotlist link in that panel to see all your saved threads. A Remove link appears at the top of each thread and allows you to delete items from your Hotlist.

Alternatively you will find your hotlist on the right hand side once you are in a forum with quick links to remove threads from your hotlist too.

You can also go directly to the specific forum by clicking on the link next to Remove.

If you have several threads stored in your Hotlist use the Sort by: option at the top of the Hotlist page to change the order by forum, date created or last post.

While in a thread you can get to any forum at any time by clicking on it on the left hand side as well.

How do I find out more about other contributors to the forum?

Click on the picture above any post made on the forums and this opens up that user's public profile. Depending on how much information the user has made public, you can see details of what subject they teach, where they teach, previous job roles and how long they’ve been teaching for. You might also be able to see their Friends list, resources they’ve uploaded and their favourite articles, resources or forum posts. How Profiles work.

Get the latest discussions as web feeds

A feed, also known as an RSS feed, is frequently updated content published by a website. It’s often used for news and blog websites but you can also set up forum discussions as feeds. You can add a whole subject area as a web feed (for example all the discussions on the maths forum) or you can add specific thread/discussions as feeds.

To set up a feed just click on the orange square RSS icon next to the name of the thread (see below).

You can rate discussions

If you think a specific discussion is particularly useful, or interesting, you can rate the thread so it appears in our Hot Topics list. You’ll see the stars underneath the name of the thread, just click on the appropriate number of stars.

You can add smileys to your messages

Simply click on the smiley icon in the message toolbar and pick the smiley to match your mood.

Can I delete or edit a post / thread once it has been published in the TES forums?

You get 2 minutes to edit your post from the time your post is live but thereafter it's not possible to edit a post. We have a preview facility on the forums so you can check your message before you make it live too. If you want a thread or post deleted or edited please send us a link to together with a brief explanation to why you want the message removed.

If I delete my TES registration, will it automatically delete all messages and resources published by me on the TES?

No, deleting your TES registration will not automatically delete messages or resources published by you. You may prefer to simply change your username. We also cannot delete all messages by a user however if there are specific posts that worry you, please email us at with links to those posts and we will do our best to remove these.

Can I post messages anonymously?

No, it’s not possible to post anonymously, but you can use a username to protect your identity.

I cannot see the formatting options using Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers.

Special formatting is not supported within the Safari (Mac), Opera or Google Chrome browsers.

Creating paragraph spaces manually

To create new paragraphs in Safari, Opera or Google Chrome, type at the start of your line of text and end it with .