Forums FAQs

Forums FAQs

Welcome to the TES forums where the teaching community comes to let off steam, swap ideas and ask for advice. You can also visit our Live Help forum where you can get live help from the Community Manager on anything you are not sure about.

Before you can start a new topic or reply to messages in our forums, you’ll need to firstly register (which is free) and login. Please remember that your username and profile picture (if you upload one) will appear alongside your messages in the forum, so if you want to keep your identity a secret choose an anonymous username when you register.

How do I start a new topic?

From the forums homepage, choose your required forum, click 'Start new topic'.

More on starting a new topic

How do I reply to a post?

If you find a conversation that you’re interested in and want to join in the debate hit the 'Reply' link on the message. A ‘Reply to an Existing Message’ box will open and you simply type your reply in here and click on the 'Post' button.

How do I contact other TES users?

Click on the picture next to any post made on the forums and this opens up that user's public profile.

More info on contacting other TES users

How do I save a forum discussion?

You can save forum discussions so that you can return to them later. When you find a discussion that you’d like to return to, click on the 'Add to hotlist' button in the header area near the thread title.

How do I find my own posts?

You can dig out all the messages you've posted on the TES forums in a few easy steps.

How do I find my own posts

How do I find out more about other contributors to the forum?

Hover over a user's profile image and select the 'View Profile' option to find out more about that user.

Find out about contributors in the forum

How do I get the latest discussions as web feeds?

To set up a feed just click on the orange square RSS icon next to the name of the thread

Find out more about RSS feeds

Can I delete or edit a post / thread once it has been published in the TES forums?

You get 60 minutes to edit your post from the time your post is live but thereafter it's not possible to edit a post. We have a preview facility on the forums so you can check your message before you make it live too. If you want a thread or post deleted or edited please send us a link to together with a brief explanation to why you want the message removed.

If I delete my TES registration, will it automatically delete all messages and resources published by me on the TES?

No, deleting your TES registration will not automatically delete messages or resources published by you. You may prefer to simply change your username. We also cannot delete all messages by a user however if there are specific posts that worry you, please email us at with links to those posts and we will do our best to remove these.

Can I post messages anonymously?

No, it’s not possible to post anonymously, but you can use a username to protect your identity.

Why don't the formatting options work in my browser?

Special formatting is not supported within the Safari (Mac), Opera or Google Chrome browsers.

How do I create paragraph spaces manually?

To create new paragraphs in Safari, Opera or Google Chrome, type

at the start of your line of text and end it with


How do I contact the moderators?

At the top of each message you’ll see a Report abuse link which you should click on to send your complaint.

Contacting moderators