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How we moderate

We work on a notice and take down policy also known as reactive moderation. However, new members are pre-moderated until they become established members of the Tes Community. After a certain period of time, accounts will be set as not moderated whereby users will be able to post in all forums without the pre-moderation sanction and will also gain access to more features on the site such as editing and starting private conversations.

We have also have a spam link blocker. This means that posts containing links can automatically go into the moderation queue no matter which forum they were posted in, or the status of the user. If we are happy that the post does not contain spam, advertising or breaks our T&C, we will release the post into the intended forum (including at weekends). We apologise for the inconvenience to genuine posters.

  • Posts that are reported and considered to be in breach of our T&C or Code of conduct are deleted.
  • Deleted posts that have been responded to (or quoted all or part of a deleted post) may also be deleted. This can sometimes be due to a thread descending into an unpleasant exchange of posts and rather than deleting the whole thread they are removed from a certain point onwards. Unfortunately other innocent posts may go as a result.
  • A standard warning message will be sent to you via a private conversation and an alert message will also be sent as a notification of the breach that was made.


We reserve the right to remove content, lock threads, ban members or moderate user posts in our moderated forums at our discretion - we won't enter into debates regarding any sanction.

We want TES members to enjoy our forums but to adhere to:
Terms and conditions
Code of conduct

To report abuse in the forums

On each message you'll find a 'Report' link. Click on it and provide:

  • Your reason for reporting it.


Our team will investigate your complaint aiming to do so within 24 hours. An alert acknowledgement message will be sent to you after the Moderation Team has actioned or rejected the complaint. 

To report a PM in your Inbox

If you receive an unpleasant personal message, you can delete this by following the instructions in the how to guide but if you wish to report an offensive or spam personal message you must click on the 'Report' link at the bottom of the message and fill in the reason for the complaint. 

What happens next?

Members who break the Code of conduct and/or the forum house rules and Terms and conditions may receive a warning via email and/or have the following actions on their account:

  • Posts pre-moderated in all forums until further notice
  • Banned from using the site for a period of time (suspended)
  • Banned from the site indefinitely 

Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. To support the Campaign visit