Fractions for KS1

The resources below are all designed for KS1 pupils, to learn the concept of splitting a whole into parts, or sharing items/pieces as proportions. At this age, this will mostly involve halves and quarters. Many of the activities could also be used for SEN pupils.

TESiboard Interactives:

Sharing Lollies

Share lollipops between 2 or 4 children. Explore halves and quarters as sharing between groups.

Planet Fractions

A tool using UFOs and planets to create a variety of fractions, to explore sharing between groups and reducing fractions.

Pizza Bears

Pupils share pizza pieces to solve fraction problems.

Shading Blocks

Ask pupils to shade the squares within the shapes according to the fractions requested.

Sorting Shaded Shapes

Pupils sort shapes depending on whether they are shaded less than half, exactly a half or more than half.

Kite Shading

Ask pupils to shade the kites to meet the criteria shown. A great opportunity to show that ‘half’ can be displayed in more than one way.

Deck Chairs

A pattern-making activity originally designed to explore symmetry but equally useful as an activity to shade fractions of the deck chair grid in different ways.

…and fantastic resources uploaded by TES users:

Treasure in the sand

Pupils find ‘treasure’ (different coloured Duplo bricks in a sandpit), record their findings, then share it into halves and quarters.

Half of it

A lesson plan and video showing halves in different contexts, to get pupils to think about what a half actually means.

Understanding halves

An introduction and worksheet to find halves of 2D shapes.

Understanding quarters

A fractions lesson based around a recipe, to find quarters of 2D shapes.

Half, pair, whole - concepts (Widgit)

Explains the terms and the cognitive concepts, e.g. Pair meaning two which go together, whole versus hole, half.

Pizza Fractions

Worksheets with fractions problems, set in a pizza parlour.

Maths Y3 Summer Teaching Sequence 12

Ordering and finding fractions of numbers and positioning fractions on a numberline.

Fraction Fans

A fan with separate numerator and denominator for making different fractions.

Fruity Fractions lesson resources

All the resources for a lesson on finding simple fractions of fruit, focusing on halves and quarters.

Fractions assessment

Power point to use with whole class to assess different aspects of Fractions - of shapes, amounts and using word problems.