The free TES Jobs app – and other apps for your smartphone and tablet

Download one of our range of apps for IOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones, plus select apps for Android and Blackberry users.

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The free TES Jobs app – and other apps for your smartphone and tablet

Download one of our range of apps for IOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones, plus select apps for Android and Blackberry users.

TES Jobs


This lets you:

  • Browse the latest school jobs available around the world, in the UK or in your immediate vicinity
  • See pics and videos from schools and colleges seeking new staff
  • Search and filter jobs by subject, role, school type and location
  • Locate the closest available education jobs using the built-in GPS and maps system

Other apps include…

TES Reader

(free to subscribers)

This app gives access to the whole TES magazine every week - exclusively for subscribers to TES Pro or the TES print publication

  • Read all the latest news and features from TES
  • Browse through back issues to find the information you need
  • Go directly from articles about free teaching resources to download the material yourself
  • Explore the TES Jobs pages

Remember, you’ll need to be a TES Pro or TES printsubscriber to use this app. If you’d like a paper-free subscription, then the answer is TES Pro.

World University Rankings


Explore the world's best-performing institutions further with the free World University Rankings app. TheTimes Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014 app enables you to personalise the rankings, providing more detailed performance data as well as allowing you to like, share and shortlist your favourite institutions.


  • Learn more about top institutions using comparative and analytical insights
  • Explore the rankings to find the university that best suits your preferences and priorities by manipulating and personalising information
  • Compare institutions’ ranking data with content, information and popularity ratings generated by students
  • Join the community of users and take part in polling on aspects of university life
  • Keep up to date with news on the rankings

TES Christmas HD


Part of the 12 Games of Christmas by TES iboard.
This app features 3 educational maths games with a Christmas theme. Great for school use, and fun for all the family.

The games are:

  • Elf Flinger - where you fling Santa's elves into the air to catch the presents
  • Bell Ringer - where you have to copy a sequence of bells
  • Add with Santa - win carrots for Rudolph by solving addition questions

THE magazine

(free to download – in-app purchase of issues)

To be successful in higher education it pays to be well informed. Times Higher Education is the global authority on higher education and will keep you fully up to date whether you are an academic, an administrator or a policymaker. Access the latest news and expert analysis, gain insight into what your peers think and find out what your competition is up to.

You’ll find all this, plus the latest higher education jobs, in one place: a beautifully written weekly magazine, which is also home to the World University Rankings.

Digital purchase options available: £2.99 per issue or £13.99 for a 3 month subscription.

Binary Data resources

TES iBoard games for Blackberry

(free, with opportunities for in-app purchase)

Binary Data resources

A range of 19 fun and interactive learning games, designed to help primary pupils practice crucial literacy and numeracy skills – with a heavy emphasis on phonics.

For now, this series is available exclusively to those with Blackberry tablets and mobiles.

The games include:

  • 9 games about Phonics, such as “First Letters and Sounds” and “New Graphemes”;
  • 3 games for “Getting started” in maths, covering Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication;
  • 4 games supporting the “Next Steps” in maths, covering Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication, then Introducing Division;
  • 3 “Expert” maths games, focussing on Addition, Subtraction, and Doubling and Halving

Download the iBoard Blackberry games here


Mobile-friendly products

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Don’t forget that many TES products have been redesigned with mobile-friendly versions for tablets and smartphones - these include the TES Pro lesson-planning tools and the new spelling, punctuation and grammar games from TES SPaG.

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