The games for grades collection

In this collection we have grouped some of the most popular revision games and activities on TES Science. We have also done some deep digging into our resources and found some hidden gems that will certainly engage your learners!

Make sure you bookmark this collection and use it whenever your learners need some revision. You will find that these resources can be adapted to teach any subject and topics, so feel free to edit and personalize these activities, but please share your version of these games, so that we can build an even bigger and more comprehensive collection.

Let us know about the resources you are sharing through TES on Twitter @TESScience and/or via email

Who wants to be a Sciencennaire? (we have three versions)

Nuclear radiation and uses

EM Radiation – Who wants to be a millionnaire-

SEN lesson of food hygiene and microorganisms

Web 2.0 tools

Socrative space questions

(Socrative is great for whole class quizzes)

Skitch the force

(use PhotoPeach to get your learners to create their own multiple choice quizzes)

Encouraging higher order thinking skills

Question doom (A question game)

(the learners’ questions are the weapons in this space war)

Interactive games

The synopticp hysics car race

(Flash game that works really well in pairs on a PC/laptop)

Developing Literacy skills

Game console energy usage

(not really a game, but we loved the context)

Starters and Plenaries

Starters and plenaries

(this is a collection in itself really)


Solute, solvent and solution


PowerPoint quiz template

(very easy to edit for last minute resources)

Elements quiz

(clever riddle that combines images to form elements’ names)

Low ability reaction quiz

The Big Fat Science Quiz of the year 2011

(some slides might need editing to put in the right period of the year you are teaching)

Cell transport across cell membrane quiz

(an interesting way to run a T/F quiz)

Wheel of Fortune

Cell membranes


Enzyme blockbuster

Blockbuster grids for IWB

Blockbusters – Energy

Loop Games

Equation of motion loop game

Measurement loop game

Top Trumps

Solar system Top Trump cards


AQA B1 Key words for Hangman

pH Hangman game


Games to play in class

(suitable for all subjects)

Structure and bonding revision triangles

(something new and different for your learners)

Adaptation and competition triominoes

(another great triangles game)