GCSE results day 22 August 2013

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News from the TES

Schools turn to IGCSEs because they are 'way easier'

  • Pupils entered for alternative international versions of the GCSE because they are 'super easy' and 'an absolute doddle'.

EBac kickstarts languages revival, but there's still a long way to go

  • French, German and Spanish all saw large increases in uptake, as figures for the first cohort to complete full two year GCSE courses since the introduction of the English Baccalaureate were published.

Schools' GCSE entry tactics doing 'real damage to education', exam boards warn

  • Nearly a quarter of students entered for maths GCSE twice this academic year - another 10 per cent were put in three times.

Bernard Trafford: 'Ignore the GCSE fuss, bank the grades and move on'

  • Headmaster says exam coverage is 'deeply unhelpful to candidates who must be assured that their qualifications still have currency'.

GCSE results: top grades fall for second year in a row as multiple entries soar

  • Percentage of entries achieving A*-C grades drops to lowest level since 2009.

Raising the participation age: a 'massive missed opportunity'?

  • Leaving-age reform being allowed to 'limp into existence' by government.

Schools turn to IGCSEs because they are 'way easier'

  • Pupils entered for alternative international versions of the GCSE because they are 'super easy' and 'an absolute doddle'.

Will GCSE Results Day repeat 2012? Don’t expect it to pass without rowing and recrimination

  • Anticipation over further grading controversy mounts.

It’s GCSEs, but not as we know them

  • England’s tougher revamped exams could retain name.

Ofqual to get tough on early and multiple GCSE entries

  • Entering students for more than one exam board’s GCSE will ‘increase the risk of unfairness for candidates overall’.

Ofqual’s plan to abandon speaking and listening is ‘bad news’ for EAL students, ex-top adviser says

  • English dominated by writing ‘not the best way to induct pupils into the living language’.

Exams are not the only path to wisdom

  • Ed Dorrell discusses the lengths to which parents, teachers, schools and, yes, governments go to ensure their children achieve a top grade.

Is there no way up for results?

  • Last year was the first time in more than two decades that A-level and GCSE grades fell. Are rising results now a thing of the past?

Early entries, multiple entries and IGCSEs all rocket. But why?

  • Schools attempt to maximise students’ chances of C grades.


What teachers really think about Gove’s GCSE overhaul

  • Find out what fellow teachers have been saying in the forums about Gove’s proposed GCSE reforms.

A Head of Department’s tasks on results day

  • TES Connect careers adviser Theodora Griff gives advice on what to expect on results day.

IGCSE English results down

  • Has Cambridge International Examinations raised their benchmarks or lowered its grades – and is it part of a trend for all awarding bodies?

GCSE grade required for AS-level maths

  • One forum user is thinking ahead to what GCSE grade should be necessary to study AS-level maths.

Whole-school marking policies don’t work for maths

  • A teacher questions whether policies that work well for language-based subjects can be used as effectively for mathematics.

How can I provide details of examination results?

  • Theodora Griff provides advice to a jobseeker who has been in temporary posts, but needs to give a breakdown of her classes’ achievements at A level and GCSE.

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Something fishy?

  • TES columnist Geoff Barton discusses the odd case of the falling English GCSE results on his blog.