Geography - Environmental issues


Secondary Geography - Environmental issues

Video resources from Green TV

Green TV is the world’s leading online TV channel devoted to short programmes about environmental, climate change and sustainability issues. Green.TV partners include WWF, Oxfam, Kew, RSPB, the United Nations and Greenpeace.

The videos raise important issues suitable for classroom discussion, debate and they also introduce potential themes for projects, fundraising and campaigns. Raising awareness about these issues is a crucial endeavour for the charities involved and provides an excellent opportunity to get pupils thinking about the world around them.

Africa Water Resources

The atlas combines visual time series imagery to visually show how climate change threatens the fresh water resources on the African continent.

Predicting Tsunamis in Europe

Two years ago, a tsunami struck Southeast Asia, leaving up to 230,000 dead. A similar scenario could happen on Europe’s coasts, with the eastern Mediterranean being particularly vulnerable.

Today I Changed the World…and Myself

Presented by BTCV Vice President, Sir David Attenborough, we find out how volunteering with BTCV transforms both people and places.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Reducing CO2 emissions from power generation with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Creeping desert

In West Africa, the Sahara desert is growing by thousands of square kilometres a year and the search for water for people and their animals becomes ever more desperate.