Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (17-23 November 2013) gives students the opportunity to learn new skills and gain knowledge, contacts and confidence. Help prepare students for the business world and see which entrepreneurs of the future are sitting in your classroom with these free lesson plans, classroom activities and teaching resources.


See official Global Entrepreneurship Week resources on the GEWprofile.

For more resources to help you inspire young entrepreneurs, check out MyBnk’sresources too.  


Entrepreneurs and enterprise

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Introduce the ideas behind Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 with this visual PowerPoint presentation and plan from our featured partner, GEW

Enterprise Q&A

You can organise a local business enterprise day with this useful printable guide from Stratford City.

‘How to’ guide for schools

Use this guide to help you implement entrepreneurial activities in your school.

Famous entrepreneurs

Match up the famous faces to the profiles in this quick worksheet activity that works well as a lesson starter.

Local business

Explore the businesses in your local area and encourage students to analyse the positives and negatives of setting up shop locally with this QCDA_Resources’ scheme of work.

Enterprise projects

What’s GEW all about?

This guide from our partner GEW shows you how to put on a fun and productive Global Entrepreneurship Week in your school.

ICT business project

How crucial is ICT to the success of a product? Let students see for themselves with this packaging and advertising project.

Enterprise club

Set up your own after school enterprise club using the handy tips in this guide.

Build a business

Try these free lesson plans from National Schools Partnership and get students running their own enterprise in school.

Chocolate project

A perfect project for chocoholics – put your students’ marketing skills to the test with this advertising task in which they must pitch a campaign for a chocolate bar.

College of rock

Students will love rocking out with this project. Their task: to set up and promote a new college band.

Business set up

From logos and slogans to market research, there’s plenty to help students get to grips with the skills they’ll need in the world of business in this project booklet.

Entrepreneurial skills

Important enterprise skills

Use these worksheets to introduce important enterprise skills to your students.

Ofsted on enterprise

Understand what “good practice” is when it comes to employability and enterprise skills with this Ofstedreport.

Communication skills

Body language and listening skills can be just as important as what you say in meetings. Teach students about effective communication with this range of PowerPoint presentations.


Help students understand the importance of risk in the business world with this interactive PowerPoint lesson.