The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald Teaching Resources

AQA English Literature (Specification B): Unit 1 - Aspects of Narrative

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

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From TES English, free teaching resources, worksheets, activities and ‘Show Me’ videos on The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. This resource pack has been specifically developed for AQA English Literature (Specification B): Unit 1 - Aspects of Narrative. However, it can be used and adapted across all of the awarding bodies for which the text is on the syllabus. It is designed to give teachers and students both an overview of the novel, its characters and themes, as well as more focused analysis of key passages. Furthermore, it should support students in approaching exam style questions with specific reference to the Assessment Objectives.

Teaching Context in The Great Gatsby

Post-war America in the 1920s

The Jazz Age & its impact on high society


Teaching Narrative in The Great Gatsby

Chapter summaries


Teaching Suggested activities in The Great Gatsby



Teaching Character in The Great Gatsby

Analysis of the key characters

Characters linked to ideas & themes


Teaching Themes in The Great Gatsby

The American Dream: it’s hope and failure

Ambition & aspiration

Decadence and materialism

Perception & artifice

Self-perception & ego


Teaching Form, Structure, Language and Style in The Great Gatsby

First person & issues of narration / narrative voice in the text

Influence of the Jazz Age on the language & structure of the novel

Motifs within the novel

Setting within the novel


Teaching Exam Preparation & Revision in The Great Gatsby

Preparing for the examination

Keeping Track - plot

Keeping Track - themes, symbols & motifs

Keeping Track - language

Keeping Track - general revision