Group user guide and FAQ

Group user guide and FAQ

Help/Community/Group user guide and FAQ

Welcome to TES groups.

You can visit our Community help forum where you can get live help from us on anything you are not sure about.

First things first

Before you can join or start a group you’ll need to sign up to join our free website and login. Please remember that your username and profile picture (if you upload one) will appear alongside your messages, so if you want to keep your identity a secret choose an anonymous username when you register.

What is a group?

A group is where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other and stay informed through forums and blogs. If you create your own group, you can effectively run your own community right here on TES!

You can make your group private, by invitation only or public (so that everyone could see it). Create your own group containing a forum and/or a blog. Your choice and you can invite members at your discretion!

You'll have control over your own group, decide if you want to allow files and images, receive email digests of posts, you'll be able to set your blog to allow user comments and moderate these. You'll also be able to view all of your activity in one central place.

Of course you can still post messages in the official TES forums which are now inside our new groups and you can join other groups of interest (depending on the owner's settings). If you've contributed to a TES forum at any time, you'll automatically become a member of the corresponding group.

Where are all the TES forums?

Click here to see a full list of official TES forums and where they are now.

Why create or join a group?

Here are some reasons/ideas:

  • Discuss your teaching subject and blog about it
  • Share recipes in a Cookery group forum and include pictures
  • Get together with others in your region
  • Got an unusual hobby? Maybe others have too. Start a group and see who joins.
  • Finding a group

    Joining a group

    Starting a group

  • Click "start a group" (you can make as many groups as you like)
  • Group name - Type the name you want for your group (70 char max) - make it self explanatory to help people find it
  • Group picture - choose an image for your group from the library or upload your own clicking on "browse" - images have to be in jpeg format. (check if there is a max size) Does it rescale? yes, no
  • Group description - this appears in the search results and on your group page at the top. You cannot use html, only plain text. 256 char limit on description.
  • Group features - choose if you want a forum or blog or both. Only one forum is possible per group but you can have as many blogs as you like.
  • Group Access - choose who you want to view and join your group. Public open membership (everyone can see and post, public closed (everyone can see but you decide who can post), private unlisted (only group members can see and post)
  • Group labelling - to help others find your content. choose from the list - you need at least one category. You need to click on Add and then it appears in the categories my group belongs to box. You can also remove by clicking the little x and choose another. You can choose more than one but make sure they are all relevant to your group.
  • Add keywords - type all relevant keywords - type words separated by commas. Single words, not phrases. Click the add button. Click the little x to remove any you don't want.
  • Tick the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Click "Create and publish group".
  • You can see your progress on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Once you are finished, you will land on the TES community homepage after clicking publish.

    Group settings

    Managing your group

    Obligations to your group

    Inviting members

    click on the members tab from your new group page and click "Invite members". You can invite by username if you know it or by email address. If the email is not registered on TES that person will have to join TES before they can join your group. You can check who has joined your group by clicking on the members tab

    Editing a group

    After you have created your group, you can edit it at any time by clicking the big red edit button.

    Finding your own group

    Reporting a group for abuse

    Creating a forum

    If you chose to have a forum in your new group, from the group homepage, click the forum tab then click start new topic

    How to post/reply in a forum

  • Click the thread you are interested in
  • Click reply after the posts you want to respond to. By default the text box is plain text.
  • Type your message in the box
  • Click reply - if you want to quote the post you are replying to or use any special formatting, click use rich formatting. Don't worry you won't lose anything you may have written in the plain box.
  • To quote, click on the quote link. To quote only part of it, highlight the required text then click quote.
  • Click post to publish your post.
  • Your post will always appear at the very end of the thread no matter at which point in the thread you posted or replied.

    TIP: To quickly move up or down a page, click the home key on your keyboard for up and End for down to the bottom.

    Further help with forums.


    From the forums homepage, choose your required forum, click 'Start new topic' then type in a subject for your message. The subject line will appear at the top of your message (aka post in forum speak). Then type in your message.

    If you have prepared your message using another program such as Word and you need to paste this into the message box, always use the "paste as plain text" icon then click allow (to allow access to your clipboard) and your text will appear in the correct font and format as well as strip out any hidden codes.

    Once you’re happy with the message, click on the Preview tab to see how your message will look live on the site. If it all looks OK, click on the Post button to put your message live. It is a good idea to get into the habit of previewing your post but you do have 3 minutes (from the time your post is live) to edit it.

    Replying to a post

    If you find a conversation that you’re interested in and want to join in the debate hit the Reply link on the message (see image below). A ‘Reply to an Existing Message’ box will open and you simply type your reply in here and click on the Post button.

    Contacting other forum users

    Click on the picture next to any post made on the forums and this opens up that users; public profile. Depending on how much information the user has made public, you can see details of what subject they teach, where they teach, previous job roles and how long they've been teaching for. You might also be able to see their Friend list, resources they've uploaded and their favourite articles, resources or forum posts. How Profiles work.

    How do I save a forum discussion?

    You can save forum discussions so that you can return to them later. When you find a discussion that you’d like to return to, click on the Add to hotlist button in the header area near the thread title.

    How do I find my own posts?

    You can search all threads that you have posted in by opening a forum that you know you posted in, go down to the bottom of the page and click "more options". Select from the topic filter dropdown "Show topics I have participated in" then click "Apply (temporarily)".

    If you click "Last post" on one of the threads to look for one of your posts if you made it recently, you should find it. We recommend that you add this to your hotlist by clicking "Add to hotlist" at the top. Once in your hotlist you will be able to find the thread easily and see if anyone else has added to the discussion.

    Once you have one of your posts showing on the screen, you can click the number next to the word "posts". This will display all individual posts that you have made anywhere in the forums.

    To return to the forum discussion you’ve saved, click on Hotlist in the Profile panel or on the right side when you are in a forum or thread, here you’ll see the latest discussions added to your Forum hotlist. To view the complete hotlist or remove items from it click on the 'Manage your forums hotlist' link (see below).

    You can also go directly to the specific Forum from the My Hotlist page by clicking on the link above Remove.

    Alternatively you will find anything added to your hotlist on the right hand side once you are in a forum with quick links to remove threads from your hotlist too.

    While in a thread you can get to any forum at any time by clicking on it on the left hand side as well.

    How do I find out more about other contributors to the forum?

    Click on the picture above any post made on the forums and this opens up that user's public profile. Depending on how much information the user has made public, you can see details of what subject they teach, where they teach, previous job roles and how long they’ve been teaching for. You might also be able to see their Friends list, resources they’ve uploaded and their favourite articles, resources or forum posts. How Profiles work.

    Get the latest discussions as web feeds

    A feed, also known as an RSS feed, is frequently updated content published by a website. It’s often used for news and blog websites but you can also set up forum discussions as feeds. You can add a whole subject area as a web feed (for example all the discussions on the maths forum) or you can add specific thread/discussions as feeds.

    To set up a feed just click on the orange square RSS icon next to the name of the thread (see below).

    You can rate discussions

    If you think a specific discussion is particularly useful, or interesting, you can rate the thread so it appears in our Hot Topics list. You’ll see the stars underneath the name of the thread, just click on the appropriate number of stars.

    You can add smileys to your messages

    Simply click on the smiley icon in the message toolbar and pick the smiley to match your mood.

    Can I delete or edit a post / thread once it has been published in the TES forums?

    You get 3 minutes to edit your post from the time your post is live but thereafter it's not possible to edit a post. We have a preview facility on the forums so you can check your message before you make it live too. If you want a thread or post deleted or edited please send us a link to together with a brief explanation to why you want the message removed.

    If I delete my TES registration, will it automatically delete all messages and resources published by me on the TES?

    No, deleting your TES registration will not automatically delete messages or resources published by you. You may prefer to simply change your username. We also cannot delete all messages by a user however if there are specific posts that worry you, please email us at with links to those posts and we will do our best to remove these.

    Can I post messages anonymously?

    No, it’s not possible to post anonymously, but you can use a username to protect your identity.

    I cannot see the formatting options using Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers.

    Special formatting is not supported within the Safari (Mac), Opera or Google Chrome browsers.

    Creating paragraph spaces manually

    To create new paragraphs in Safari, Opera or Google Chrome, type at the start of your line of text and end it with .

    Creating/writing a blog

    If you chose to have a blog in your new group, from the group homepage, click the blog tab then "write new blog post". You can have as many blogs as you like.

    Editing blog settings

    You can choose to allow users to comment on your blog whether they can mark it as "like it". You can add file attachments and embed videos and tables too.

    Commenting on a blog



    PM (personal message) Inbox

    How to find all your own activity

    Contact the moderators

    If you’re worried about the content of any messages you see on the forum please report them to the moderator. At the top of each message you’ll see a Report abuse link which you should click on to send your complaint. In order for us to deal with your query efficiently please let us know exactly why you’re worried about a specific post and include:-

    • A link to the thread(s) (copy and paste from the address bar in your browser)
    • The post number(s) if not reporting the whole thread
    • Username(s) of all relevant users who posted the specific thread/post(s)
    • Your contact email address

    See also our Moderation Policy