Hall of Fame

We’d like to take a little time to say thank you to the five uploaders who have shared the most resources over the last month for you to use in the classroom. Featured top contributors will receive a £25 book token

We’d like to take a little time to say thank you to the five uploaders who have shared the most resources over the last half-term for you to use in the classroom. Featured top contributors will receive a £25 book token.

Featured Contributor:

Our featured contributor is someone who has been sharing resources for a long time and we feel deserves a little recognition. This month, we’ve chosen…

Pauline Willoughby (TES name pwilloughby3) is a primary teacher in Essex, UK who specialises in music. She has been teaching for 40 years with a little time out to focus on her music career. She has a postgraduate certificate in music technology.

Pauline’s TES
Pauline found out about TES in her staff room. She loves that the website is there for when inspiration dries up and believes it is a great motivator with an incredibly professional reputation. She says she loves to share because: “I get a real kick out of knowing that my songs are being sung all over the world.”

Try Pauline’s ‘Dinosaur Tour Song’, which is about going back in time to meet the dinosaurs. It is one of her favourite shared resources.

Top Contributors:

Stephen Mills (TES name: stevemills) uploaded 115 resources last half-term. He is new to teaching, but has worked with young people for 20 years. Stephen has taught in Brighton, UK for five years, but is currently looking for work. He learnt to read and write at the age of 23 and decided to become a teacher after visiting a school as a youth worker. His main subjects are religious studies and drama, but he has also taught history.

Stephen’s TES
TES was at the top of a list of recommended websites given to Stephen during his PGCE and he immediately found it to be a treasure trove of wonderful resources. He said: “TES is like an encyclopedia of people’s work - people who have previously faced the same task as me in creating a challenging and stimulating lesson.”

He hopes that TES users will benefit from his resources and can deliver them in a way that is unique to them.

Check out Stephen’s lesson plans on the Romans.

Kimberley Dearn (TES name kimberleydearn) currently teaches a Year 6 class in Milton Keynes, UK. She has been teaching for two years. Her cross-curricular primary resources have been very popular on TES. Kimberley read English literature at university before working as a teaching assistant. After this, she decided to take up the challenge of becoming a teacher.

Last half-term she uploaded 90 resources.

Kimberley’s TES
TES was recommended to Kimberley in her NQT year and she has found it invaluable ever since. She loves the wide variety of resources available to help plan her teaching.

Kimberley said she likes to share on TES because: “I work for hours on end to make my planning exciting and feel it is such a shame to only use it for one half term and then put it aside.”

Check out Kimberley’s unit of work on Africa. She loved planning this and managed to raise £150 for the charity Send a Cow while teaching it.

Steven Yelland (TES name sfy773) has been a teacher in England for 12 years and currently teaches in Pontefract, UK. He believes in making education compatible with the needs and expectations of students through the effective use of technology. He is passionate about sharing good practice with fellow teachers. Steven uploaded 53 resources during the last half-term.

Steven’s TES
Steven stumbled across TES while searching for his first teaching job and soon found the resource sharing area. He loves the fact that TES is continually growing. He said: “I like that it saves me a lot of time because some kind soul has shared their resource.”

Steven likes to share because he understands how isolating teaching can feel sometimes, particularly when just starting out in the profession. He believes sharing can help alleviate that feeling.

Check out his news stories resources, which encourage students to learn from what is happening in the world.

"I believe there is a value in sharing. I am a total believer in open sourcing and I love to share my resources with my community - whether it is useful information or useful resources as long as it is relevant. I enjoy reading comments and receiving messages from teachers thanking me for sharing my resources. There is nothing better than making others’ lives easier. In the end, it is for the benefit of all."

Rebecca Mary Grubb (TES name BexMO) is a religious education teacher who has been teaching for six years. She taught in Gloucestershire, UK before recently moving to Doha in Qatar. She teaches from Year 7 to sixth form. Rebecca uploaded 52 resources to TES during the last half-term.

Rebecca’s TES
Rebecca discovered TES whilst desperately searching for resources during her PGCE year. The site helped her to plan lessons when she was feeling totally out of her depth and stopped her from reinventing the wheel late at night.

She said: “My favourite thing about TES is having the teaching community at your fingertips - a wealth of experience and such detailed and beautifully creative resources to hand when you're feeling overwhelmed.”

She likes to share because she believes it is good to give something back. Try Rebecca’s Hinduism scheme of work which she was asked to write for her department and is designed to support non-specialists.