Hamper winners

Hamper winners

Here are the top 10 most-downloaded resources between January 27th and March 5th. The creators of these resource each won a luxury hamper for two.

Read the stories behind some of the resources…

Isabella Wells (imwell) who created Newspaper Report – The Jewellery Store Robbery

"I am always on the lookout for ideas and one day I noticed a new jewellery store in my local shopping centre. I thought it might make a good focal point for a piece of writing. I photographed the shop and went home to develop the idea.

I have been teaching for 33 years and had never really thought that anyone else would be interested in my resources. I had used resources produced by others on the site and I felt that it was time to give something back. I started writing resources specifically to put on the site in November when I moved to Singapore with my husband. Having just turned 60 I was unable to find a post as a full time teacher but was in demand as a supply teacher. Having time on my hands I decide to write resources for TES, as a hobby.

I have really enjoyed receiving the weekly feedback on how many teachers have viewed my resources. It certainly made me feel that what had been done had some value. I was amazed to see how popular my resource on 'The Jewellery Store Robbery' was.

I would encourage every teacher who uses TES Resources to upload one of their best resources – life needs to be more about sharing than taking. Having personally taken from TES for so long it feels good to give back. It is also very simple to do."

Michael Dudley (michael1989) who created Indicator Species Case Study Circus

"TES has an amazing bank of resources and if I take from it, I think it's only fair that I contribute too. I'm always finding excellent resources on any topic and I hope other teachers can get something from my uploads. I wanted something for Pollution Indicators that was student-focussed. It's a topic that lends itself well to case studies and I wanted to give students the opportunity to summarise information and analyse data themselves rather than me just telling them the answers or what was right or wrong.

TES is an incredible collaborative forum and gives teachers anywhere the opportunity to share resources. It's very reassuring to know that comprehensive plans and activities are only a click away!

Thank you for the wonderful hamper! It's broken up the spring term quite nicely! And please upload resources… TES is already great but we can make it even better!"

Pauline Willougby (pwilloughby3) who created The pancake song

"I looked for a pancake song which would engage early years and reinforce the sequence of events in a practical pancake making task. However, I wanted it to be an entertaining and humorous song which didn't patronise the pupils. In addition, I wanted it to suggest the actions of pancake making. Anyway, I couldn't find one so I wrote and recorded it myself. The idea of a flying saucer metaphor developed as I watched a pancake being tossed.

I have been writing and recording songs for many years and they have been used in local schools. Just recently, I had a health scare and reassessed what I wanted from life. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my songs to gather dust, never seeing the light of day. I decided therefore to publish my work on the TES. It's amazing, now thousands of children are singing my songs! I'm passionate about writing the sort of music that children would be likely to listen to at home. It's catchy; it doesn't condescend and reflects the music genre of our time.

I would encourage other teachers to contribute because it's a wonderful feeling when your work is valued. Your work can "hit the spot" when other commercially produced resources fail. Your work can save teachers from spending hours of valuable time looking for resources. It's great looking at your download statistics and realising that your resource is being used in classrooms all over the country. I had a really encouraging email from Chile about a resource that a psychologist found really useful."

Iain Watt (mrwatt1) who created Superhero Unit Individual Lesson Plans

"My previously uploaded Superheroes resource seemed to have been popular and helpful to many teachers, so I thought it might help them even further to have more details about each lesson. I've always questioned the steadfast view of only teaching "traditional" texts, times change as do forms of communication and as teachers it's our job to prepare pupils for the realities of life today – not life decades or centuries ago.

I like to constantly create new resources for classes in order to engage pupils and hold their interest. So a lot of the resources that I've put a great deal of time and effort into tend to only be used once or twice – so I thought it might be helpful for others to have the opportunity to use them so they don't go to waste."

Simon Forestiero (Simon Forestiero) who created A Lesson judged "Outstanding"

"Our school is preparing for imminent inspection, and we therefore had a "Mock-sted" week, using the new 2012 framework. I was lucky enough to have my lesson that was observed graded "outstanding" after a lot of research and hard work, so I thought I'd share the lesson plan and resources.

I tend to look through TES for good resources and ideas to improve my lessons, so I think it's good to try to reciprocate the gesture if I've done anything I'm proud of. I do also like reading people's comments and feedback as a great way to re-evaluate what I've done and possibly improve it. It only takes a couple of minutes and sharing your work could really help a fellow teacher!

Thanks SO much for my lovely hamper, although it's not doing my chances of losing any weight many favours!"

Natalie Danvers (nataliedanvers) who created Pancake Day PowerPoint - Jesus in the Desert

"I was struggling to find a version of the story of Jesus in the desert that my Year 2 class could understand. I started off (rather cheekily) using TES simply as a way of backing up and saving important resources after I lost a load of work when my laptop crashed. Now I find it can be a real timesaver – no point in us all reinventing the wheel time and time again.

Uploading to TES is much quicker and easier than you think it’s going to be, and it’s really nice to see your download counter going up – knowing that you’ve probably saved someone else a load of work and given them more time to spend on more important things, like family and friends."

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