Handwriting teaching resources

Primary English - Handwriting

In this collection, we have a variety of quality resources to help pupils form their letters, including worksheets, line guides, good practice and even that important Pen Licence when they have reached the level of proficiency required!

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Handwriting Policy

Handwriting policy for Nursery/Infant School showing progression and expectations.

Ros Wilson Writing Levels

Criteria for use with Big Writing.

Handwriting Pen licence

To be awarded to children who earn their ‘pen licence’.

Pen Licence Poster

A reminder to work neatly - earn 10 stamps to receive a pen licence.

Finger Space reminder cards

Reminder cards for children to use as bookmarks or have stuck to their desks.

Punctuation Arrows

A series of cards with a checklist of rules for neat writing. Useful for display or as reminder cards for tables.

I can check my own writing

Bookmark to allow young children to check their own writing.

Finger Spacers

Use these guides to help with finger spaces in writing.

Finger Spacers for left-handed people

Use these guides to help with finger spaces in writing – for left-handed children.

Letter Formation

Handwriting Jingles

Descriptions of the way to form letters, in an easy to follow word document.

Handwriting letters

Letter formation families with arrows to show where to start on each letter.

Cursive Practice Dinosaur Alphabet Cards

A dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet in handwriting font.

Basic Letter Formation for the IWB (Sassoon Infant font)

A presentation with animations of letter formation.

Cursive letter formation for IWB

A presentation with animations of cursive letter formation.

Interactive handwriting webpage

Write your own letters, phonemes, words or sentences. Save them and see them replay.

Cursive Alphabet Frieze

A good display for the classroom where cursive handwriting is being taught.

Cursive Practice Animal Alphabet Cards

Full colour animal alphabet frieze listed – cursive letters.

‘b’ and ‘d’ reminder posters

Visual reminders of the correct way to write ‘b’ and ‘d’.

Complete handwriting lessons teaching letter orientation

All the handwriting lessons needed to teach letter orientation – Notebook format.

Line guides and worksheets

Handwriting and Pre-writing Worksheets

A collection of pre-writing practice worksheets and a worksheet generator which allows creation of custom handwriting tasks in a range of lined and unlined tracing fonts.

Paper backgrounds

Backgrounds used during Big Writing to help the children with their presentation and handwriting.

Coloured handwriting paper

Helpful for children who need help with letter sizes, ascenders and descenders.

Handwriting practice worksheet

A free, web-based resource for quickly creating handwriting practice worksheets.

Handwriting sheets

A set of handwriting sheets that can be adapted to the sound/phoneme that is being taught.

Handwriting Grid Lines

A plain page of old fashioned handwriting guidelines to use and adapt.

SEN teacher has uploaded a large selection of packs for pupils to practise handwriting. Useful for structured, independent work:

SEN teacher’s Handwriting resources


Handwriting Worksheet - Spiral (Easy)

A worksheet to develop handwriting skills by overwriting the spirals.

Handwriting Worksheet - Spiral (Hard)

A worksheet to develop handwriting skills by overwriting the spirals, including space to draw your own.

Handwriting Worksheet - Rectangles (Easy)

A worksheet to develop handwriting skills by overwriting the rectangles.

Handwriting Worksheet - Quadrilaterals (Hard)

A worksheet to develop handwriting skills by overwriting the quadrilaterals, including space to draw your own.


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