Healthy eating resources

Worksheets and sorting

Healthy eating sorting

Cards to sort food into eat lots, eat everyday or eat occasionally.

Writing resources

Writing work sheets for the topic of ourselves.

Describing a fruit

Work sheets to describe what a fruit looks, tastes, smells and feels like.

Healthy fruit and veg

Charts, lesson plan and website links to encourage a healthy diet.

What is your favourite fruit and vegetable?

Smiley face worksheet to use after fruit and vegetable tasting in class.

Fruit and vegetables

Medium term plan for a fruit and veg topic.

Food flashcards

Word document for display or flashcards of food.

IWB and displays

Healthy eater chart

Chart to promote healthy eating.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

PowerPoints to use in relation to healthy eating.

Sign language pictures for common foods

Booklet showing sign language images of popular foods.

All made with food

PowerPoint pictures made entirely from food.

Harvest food presentation

Images prompting questions about where our food comes from.

Fruits and vegetables

PowerPoint about the differences between fruits and vegetables.

Healthy diet - why bother?

PowerPoint giving facts about a healthy diet.

Games and activities

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Healthy eating board game based on the popular book.

Handa’s surprise game

Book based healthy eating game.

My favourite meal plate

Draw a favourite meal onto a paper plate.

The enormous turnip song

Fun song which the children will love.

Food topic

Collection of resources to support the food topic.

Fruit problem solving

IWB about sharing, dividing, multiplying and counting.

Healthy eating top trumps

Use as a starter when discussing healthy food choices.

Healthy eating recipes

Gingerbread man

How to make a gingerbread man plus sequencing activities.

Recipes for biscuit men

Simple instructions to make biscuit men.

Recipes for fruit salad

Follow simple instructions to make fruit salad.

Pumpkin soup lesson plan

Introducing pumpkins as part of fruit and vegetable/ harvest topic.

Recipe sheets

Six recipes, including fish cakes, low fat bread rolls and muffins.