Healthy eating resources

Mark World Health Day by thinking about healthy lifestyles, food groups, diet, illnesses and how to eat well with TES’ special selection of lesson plans, activities and Teachers TV videos with practical advice and scientific investigations. All our resources are free and have been shared by teachers, for teachers.

Promoting Healthier Lifestyles

Promote healthy lifestyles with a programme for all teachers and school staff to follow.

Healthy Eating

A set of lesson plans and activities from the British Nutrition Foundation aimed at exploring healthy eating for children aged 8-11.

How to improve an individual’s health

Practical advice on how to improve someone’s health, from encouraging health eating to identifying problems and offering support.

A balanced diet

A PowerPoint based introduction to the five food groups and how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. Ideal as a starter or plenary.

Eating whatever you like

Get your class thinking about the scientific link between diet and health with this video from Teachers TV.

What’s in your food?

Even before the horse meat scandal, ever wondered what’s in the food you eat? Investigate the sugar content of breakfast cereals with a video from Teachers TV.

Healthy eating, healthy living

A lesson from TES partner GrainChain on the key food groups and nutrients, highlighting the importance of a healthy balanced diet and how to investigate different foods.

Eatwell plate worksheet

Help pupils to plan a balanced meal using the Eatwell plate model. Suitable as either a group or individual activity.


Take a look at the effects of high blood pressure, how to spot the signs and how to treat it with a video from NHS Choices.

Introduction to Malaria

Uncover the facts about malaria and the impact it has on children and adults living in endemic countries with this lesson plan. Includes accompanying worksheets.