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How do I set up a job alert?

  1. The first step to setting up a job alert is to register with TES. Registration is free, just click on the ‘Join us’ button on the top right-hand corner of the home page and fill in the short online form.
  2. Once you’ve registered you can then create a job alert.

There are three ways of creating job alerts.

Option 1

  1. Log into your TES account.
  2. Use a keyword to find jobs.
  3. Once you’ve refined your search the results page should look something like the screenshot below.
  4. To turn this search into an alert, click on the ‘Save search & create alert’ option.

  1. Your alert will be sent to your registered email address.

  1. You can always edit a saved search or an alert by clicking on Jobs (main menu) followed by 'My Jobs'. In the 'Saved searches and alerts' area of the page, you can click on the the blue text links or dropdowns to make changes.

Option 2

  1. Simply log into your TES account and select ‘Jobs’ followed by ‘My jobs’.

  1. Click on 'Create alert' button and choose your search criteria to set up a job alert. You should also select when you want to get your alerts – choose from daily or weekly (every Saturday). You will only receive an alert when relevant jobs become available.