Help us build TES Australia

TES Australia, a dedicated new website for Australian teachers, will launch later this year.

Help us build TES Australia

TES Australia, a dedicated new website for Australian teachers, will launch later this year. It will be fully tailored to the Australian Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary curricula with hand-picked teaching resources. We’re looking for new content in some specific curriculum areas, and we want you to provide this content.

See below for details of the areas we need resources for, and the preferred format and type of resources.

How to submit resources:

Email your resources to In the body of your email be sure to include:

  • Your name and TES Connect username
  • The name of the resource
  • A description of the resource
  • The curriculum area(s) it is suitable for

If you are sending multiple resources, you may find it easier to send one email per resource.

If your files are too big to email, you can upload them to a file sharing site website such as Dropbox or Yousendit and then send us the link to them instead.

How to claim a $50 Officeworks voucher:

Submit at least 25 resources that meet our eligibility criteria. Once we have assessed them, we will contact you for your address and send your reward to you.

See Eligibility criteria for further details.

Curriculum areas we need content for:


Present and Past Family Life
The Past in the Present
Community and Remembrance
First Contacts
The Australian Colonies
Australia as a Nation
Historical Skills

Civics & Citizenship
Government and Democracy
Law and Citizens
Citizenship, Diversity and Identity

Fiction, Non Fiction & Poetry

Secondary & Senior Secondary

Australian Drama and Theatre

Earth & Environmental Science
Dynamic Earth
The Local Environment

Australia's Place in the Global Economy
Consumers and Business
Economic Issues
Economic Policies and Management
Financial Markets
Government and the Economy
Introduction to Economics
Labour Markets
The Global Economy

Food Technology
Food Availability and Selection
The Australian Food Industry

Legal Studies
Global Environmental Protection (GEP)
Human Rights
Indigenous Peoples
Law in Practice
The Individual and the Law
The Legal System

Health & Physical Education
Health Priorities in Australia

Studies of Religion
Nature of Religion and Beliefs
Religion in Australia Pre-1945
Belief Systems in Australia Post-1945

Textiles & Design
Australian Industries

Aboriginal Studies
Aboriginal Identities
Aboriginal Autonomy
Aboriginal Enterprises and Organisations
Aboriginal Visual Arts
Aboriginal Performing Arts
Aboriginal Peoples and the Media
Aboriginal Oral and Written Expression
Aboriginal Film and Television
Aboriginal Technologies and the Environment
Aboriginal Peoples and Sport
Aboriginal Interaction with Legal and Political Systems
Aboriginality and The Land
Heritage and Identity
International Indigenous Community
Research and Inquiry Methods
Social Justice and Human Rights Issues

Civics & Citizenship
Government and Democracy
Law and Citizens
Citizenship, Diversity and Identity

Health & Physical Education
Australia and Sport

History Secondary
Historical Knowledge and Understanding

Aboriginal Languages

Work Education
Transition Planning
What is Work?
Workplace Safety
Enterprise Initiatives
Workplace Rights and Responsibilities
Post-school Pathways
Workplace Communication
Community Participation
Using Technology in the Workplace
Learning about the Workplace
Workplace Environments
Contemporary Workplace Issues
Managing Finances
Government and Community Partnerships
Learning in the Workplace
Life Skills/Modified Curriculum

Cross Curriculum & General Capabilities Primary & Secondary

Cross Curriculum
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures
Asia & Australia's Engagement with Asia

General Capabilities
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Capability
Critical & Creative Thinking
Personal & Social Capability
Ethical Understanding
Intercultural Understanding
Difference & Diversity
Work & Enterprise

Preferred Format of Resources

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
AVI video (.avi)
Basic audio (.au)
Bitmap image (.bmp)
Easiteach (.et)
GIF Image (.gif)
HTML (.html, .htm)
JPEG Image (.jpeg, .jpg)
Microsoft Excel (.xls, xlsx)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, pptx)
Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
MP3 Audio (.mp3)
MPEG Video (.mpeg, .mpe, .mpg)
Portable Network Graphic (.png)
Promethean (.flp / .flipchart)
Quicktime Video (.mov, .qt)
Real Audio (.ra)
Rich Text (.rtf)
Shockwave Flash (.swf)
Sibelius (.sib)
Smartboard (.xbk, .notebook)
Starboard (.yar)
Text Document (.txt)
Windows Media Audio (.wma)
Windows Media Video (.wmv)
XML (.xml)

Preferred Type of Resources

Cards and Flashcards
Game, Puzzle, Quiz
Lesson Plan
Posters and Displays
Student Assessment
Termly planning

Eligibility criteria

This promotion is open to members of TES Connect ( residing in Australia, aged 18 years or older.

To be eligible, you will need to email your teaching resources to the closing date of April 26th 2013, by 11:59 p.m. GMT

1) For the purposes of this promotion, a qualifying resource is defined as:

  • At least one file in a format from our list of preferred formats of resources.
  • Original material, created by the person who submitted the resource.
  • Appropriate content for the intended target audience and learning objective.
  • Correctly mapped to a curriculum area from our list of curriculum areas we need content for, with a meaningful description (including, where necessary, details such as learning objective and how to use the resource) and a title.
  • Titles and descriptions of resources must not be duplicated. Any resources with duplicate titles will NOT be counted. Descriptions should not be a repeat of the title and must be descriptive of what the resource is – e.g., what is it? how can it be used?
  • For the purposes of this promotion, each file uploaded or embedded will count as a separate resource. We encourage you to group your resources logically. Please do not email files on their own if they do not make sense in isolation.
  • Resources must be unique – i.e., not a duplicate resource or a previously published resource on TES Connect.
  • Resources uploaded with negligible differences between the original and the duplicate will NOT be considered qualifying resources and will therefore not be counted – e.g., resources created using a template with minor variations applied.
  • Resources that have been created using any kind of online generator, template or macro, etc., will not be considered.

2) The decision of the promoter is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

3) Joint entries are not permissible.

4) Resources must remain on the site for at least one year after the site launches.

5) All reward winners will be contacted by email within 28 business days of the promotion closing date. If no response to this contact is received within 14 days, the promoter reserves the right to withdraw reward entitlement

6) No cash or other reward alternative will be offered in whole or in part, except, owing to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the promoter, the promoter reserves the right to substitute an alternative of equal or greater value. Unless otherwise agreed with the promoter, all rewards will be given directly to the winners.

7) Details of the reward winner’s name will be published on TES Australia as a founding member of TES Australia.

8) In addition to the use specified above, the promoter will use the winner’s personal details for the purpose of administering this promotion and the provision of the reward. Your details will not be passed on to any third party.

Promoter: TSL Education Ltd, 26 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4HQ