When pupils think of heroes, often film characters such as Spiderman and The Avengers come to mind. Try these free teaching resources and lessons plans to teach your students about real heroes – the ones who save lives, who make sacrifices for those they’ve never met and who make history through their heroic acts.

Heroes: myths to modern

From Greek mythology to American westerns and superhero comics, pop culture is full of heroic images. Study such images to inspire students to design their own modern day hero.


This assembly presentation encouraging pupils to be heroic includes quotes from inspirational individuals such as Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King.

Heroic music

Help pupils compose a song fit for a hero with this melody composition task.

Religious heroes

An exploration of heroes who dedicated their life to religion, with a particular focus on Mother Teresa.

Ordinary heroes

An assembly that teaches pupils that people don’t have to be famous to be a hero.

Heroes of the new millennium

Who are today’s heroes? Encourage students to have their say by writing a newspaper report in this TESEnglish lesson.

Real V Superheroes

Pupils must deliver a persuasive speech arguing why a real person deserves the Pride of Britain award over a superhero.

Heroic scenes

A freeze frame activity where students must present different types of heroic behaviour.

British heroes of the Holocaust

Explore the heroic behaviour of British individuals during the Holocaust with these case studies from Holocaust Educational Trust.

Black heroes

A simple worksheet to encourage pupils to research black heroes from Rosa Parks to Muhammed Ali.

Heart of Gold

Introduce the Heart of Gold and Pride of Britain awards to students, then encourage them to select a nominee for either award.

Sporting heroes

Keep the Olympic legacy alive in your classroom with NGfLCymru’s resource pack on sporting heroes.

Olympic poems

Encourage students to embrace the heroism of London 2012; try these poems focusing on sporting success and heroics.

Anne Frank

Johncallaghan shares a five-week scheme of work and resources on Anne Frank – the real-life story of an incredibly brave young woman.

We can all be heroes

A drama scheme of work encouraging students to reflect on heroic behaviour and improvise scenes demonstrating such behaviour.