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Start here if you're looking to get a job as a Teaching Assistant or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. We've got advice on what what qualifications and skills you need to become a TA, insight into the pay and conditions you can expect and tips on how to progress up the career ladder. You'll also find links to all the TA and HLTA jobs advertised on TES and free resources to download to help you succeed in your role.

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Advice to help you get a job as a TA or HLTA

  • How to become a teaching assistant

    Are you thinking of becoming a TA but not quite sure what the role entails, or whether you have the right skills and qualifications? Well look no further.

  • Tips on applying for teaching assistant roles

    If you’re considering applying for a teaching assistant role and would like to ensure that your application stands the best possible chance of being successful then this is a great place to start

  • Teaching assistant job interview advice

    You’ve decided to become a TA, put together a great application and managed to net yourself an interview. But what now? Here we walk you through what to expect at interview and how you can prepare.

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