How to get a job in a classroom support role

How to get a job in a classroom support role

You'll also find links to all the classroom support roles advertised on TES and free resources to download to help you succeed in your role. For more information on becoming a teaching assistant or HLTA visit our Teaching Assistant page.

Cover supervisors, literacy workers, support managers and technicians all come under the umbrella classification of classroom support. On this page you’ll find advice on what qualifications and skills you need to get a classroom support role plus insight into the pay and conditions you can expect and career progression opportunities.

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Advice to help you get a job in classroom support

  • How to become a midday supervisor

    Midday supervisors are the lynchpins of an army of support staff that patrols school playgrounds and cafeterias to ensure pupils are fed, appropriate behaviour promoted and order prevails. Find out more about what the role involves.

  • How to become a cover supervisor

    Cover supervisors were originally introduced as a way of maintaining teachers’ non contact periods but have become a permanent fixture in schools - and some teachers resent this. If you can handle the controversy that comes with the role, it can be a rewarding job and a useful way of getting experience in the classroom for those with teaching ambitions. Get the lowdown on what qualifications you need to become a cover supervisor.

Useful resources for school support roles

  • Cover supervisors’ forum

    Chat to other cover supervisors and find out what the job is really like from those at the chalk face.

  • ICT resources

    We've got lots of free resources to help you make the most of ICT equipment.

Further sources of advice for anybody working in school support

  • DfE guide to becoming a cover supervisor