How to get a pastoral and/or welfare role in education

How to get a pastoral and/or welfare role in education

This page gives you advice on how to get a pastoral/welfare role in education, tips on the qualifications and skills you need. We've also got links to all the pastoral and welfare jobs currently advertised on TES and lots of free resources to help you succeed in your role.

Pastoral/welfare jobs in schools cover a variety of responsibilities and roles ranging from school nurses and housemasters in independent schools through to educational psychologists and behaviour specialists. However all staff with pastoral responsibilities should have the skills and knowledge to provide effective pastoral care and that covers both academic attainment and developing pupils’ ability to become good citizens.

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Advice to help you get a job in a pastoral or welfare role in education

  • Becoming a pastoral manager

    Pastoral managers look after the welfare of students and ensure they can come to school. The job can be full time and non-teaching while in some schools the role is aligned with teaching duties, especially when it comes under the job title of Head of Year. Find out more about what the job involves.

  • Becoming a learning mentor or classroom assistant

    Learning mentors are fairly recent arrivals on the school staff in both primary and secondary schools. As a mentor you will work closely with individual challenging students, this will usually be under the direction of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Senco). Find out more about getting into the role.

  • Becoming a school nurse

    Also known as a health advisor, school health nurse or matron this role varies dependent on the sector you go into. In maintained schools nurses are frontline public health practitioners working with pupils and their families but in private schools the school nurse will be on site and responsible for administering treatment to pupils and staff when necessary. Get more information on whether this is the role for you.

  • Becoming a housemaster/housemistress

    The housemaster or mistress lives in independent – predominantly boarding – schools and is in charge of all the daily looking after of the children, such as feeding, bath time, prep and bedtime. Find out if this is the role for you and the skills and qualifications you need.

Useful resources for pastoral/welfare staff from TES

  • PSHE in early years

    More than 1,000 resources covering personal, social and emotional development.

  • PSHE in secondary

    Popular resources include emotional literacy presentations and healthy eating Top Trumps.

  • Health and welfare

    E-safety, drug education and forced marriages are all covered in this section of TES Resources.

Further sources of advice for pastoral and welfare roles