How to save searches

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How to save searches

It's now even easier to find new resources in your favourite topic areas!

If you find yourself regularly making the same search, then you can now use the 'Save search+' feature to keep a permanent record of your search criteria – plus you'll also receive automatic updates whenever new material is shared in this area.

1) Make and refine your search as normal until you get to stage where you've found exactly what you were after. Then click 'Save search+' to permanently save your search criteria. If you're not already logged in to the TES site, you'll be prompted to do so.

2) Click 'Saved searches' to view all the searches that you have saved. If there is any new material in this area then this will be flagged up.

3) You'll automatically start to receive fortnightly emails informing you of new resources in these areas.

That's it! Start searching for resources now.

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