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As our new Subject Lead for ICT and Digital Learning, Jan, an expert in her field, will be responsible for developing and expanding TES’ resources in this area.

Last updated 24 July 2012

What's new for teachers of ICT this week? Videos for ICT from BBC Class Clips, a Turtles to GO collection, and class resources from the Digital Schoolhouse.

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paulstafford, you've uploaded the most resources this week, with all those great ideas for ICT starter activities this week. Many thanks for sharing!

Featured partner - Digital Schoolhouse

Highlights cover resources for Scratch, multimedia publishing and presentations and database detectives!

Weekly Highlights

Resources of the Week

Digital Learning

A great guide from m.quigley for using Wordle, a tool that can be used in any curriculum subject.

Primary ICT

This is an appealing interactive timetable made in PowerPoint by bevevans22 – easy to use and share with children on an interactive whiteboard.

IT Skills

This week, our IT Skill resource is to help use digital cameras effectively. Check out these useful tips from the NEN.

Digital Literacy

A Dragon's Den activity can provide an interesting context for learning about spreadsheets and their use from eyeseatea.


An invaluable tool for anyone teaching Python to GCSE students, this e-book from HappyHippy is a comprehensive guide.

Forum Discussion of the Week

Understanding v. Doing is providing some interesting food for thought!

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Join the debates.

Video of the Week

'Sensitive information on second-hand hardrives'

Featured ICT Resource Collections

A Certain Death - Databases

A collection of resources for teaching Branching Databases in the context of a fiction book.

Turtles to go

Ideas for using floor and screen turtles to develop Control skills – and suggestions for cross-curricular learning opportunities.

TES iBoard – KS2

TES iBoard resources aren't just for Early Years or KS1 – check out these resources specifically aimed at KS2 Learners.

BBC Class Clips ICT

A collection of video clips from the BBC about ICT use, tools and practice. They are suitable for introducing concepts, for starters and for revision purposes.

ICT Collections for March

Crowdsourced Curriculum

After the announcements at the start of 2012 which heralded the Crowd-sourced ICT curriculum, all suggestions for resources to be included can be sent in a message to Jan


A collection of resources with advice from Behaviour expert, Tom Bennett.

Secondary ICT video resources

Bringing together all the Secondary ICT video resources from all contributors.

Games based learning

A great range of games for cross-curricular use, as well as developing ICT skills through creating games.

More ICT Resources

Teaching resources, worksheets and lessons plans for digital learning

Primary ICT on TES KS1

ICT resources for KS1 teachers

Primary ICT on TES KS2

ICT resources for KS2 teachers

Secondary ICT on TES

ICT resources for Secondary teachers

Whole School ICT on TES

ICT infrastructure, leadership, professional development and research

Latest ICT articles in TES

Slide rules

A timed presentation format from Japan livens up revision.

Play with posture

Doing yoga with SEN pupils isn't easy but it brigns great rewards.

The right direction

ICT - Online and offline

Moulding the future

We already have the technology to create child-driven learning

Scratch and Kodu

Pupils making their own games can enhance learning

Latest ICT newsletter

Even more resources, forum debates and jobs from the TES team.