ICT games

ICT games, interactive whiteboard resources and activities for Primary and Secondary

ICT games

ICT games, interactive whiteboard resources and activities for
Primary and Secondary

Primary games and activities

  • CVC pictionary Children read the word and draw the picure on whiteboards.
  • Pass the bomb! Take turns to call out adjectives, connectives and sentence openers before the bomb explodes.
  • Taboo style quiz Encourage pupils to develop speaking and listening skills and use of descriptive language.
  • Ourselves PowerPoint showing children how everyone is different - involves an interactive game.
  • Bomomo An online art program that is really fun and easy to use.

Secondary games and activities

  • Wipeout style game This version uses French infinitives but can be adapted to focus on key vocabulary
  • Blockbusters Great for topic revision or to use as an assessment activity.
  • Weakest link Take on the role of Anne Robinson in this game that is very true to the original format.
  • Guess who? Game to help pupils to describe a person in other languages.
  • French zoo PowerPoint including a story, interactive flashcards, games, reading, writing and a quizz.
  • French phonics work Common sound patterns and the relationship between graphemes and phonemes in French.