Independence Day teaching resources

On 4 July 1776, with President Thomas Jefferson looking on, the Declaration of Independence was signed and the nation of the United States of America was born. Mark this day in style with our collection of free resources, ranging from virtual fireworks to Mentos-inspired pyrotechnics.

Smoke bomb smoke rings

Have a little bit of fun on the 4th of July with this Steve Spangler Science experiment using smoke bombs and a rubbish bin to make a smoke ring generator.

Patriotic mentos geyser

Join Steve Spangler Science in creating a cheaper and safer alternative to fireworks this 4th of July with some fizzy drinks, food colouring and a pack of Mentos.

The American Revolution quiz

Help your students understand the ins and outs of the American Revolution using this informative quiz.

Independence day activities

Recreate festivities on the other side of the Atlantic with virtual fireworks displays and other games this Independence Day.

Assembly outline

Celebrate 4th of July with the TES; we have provided an assembly outline to celebrate the day.

4th July page borders 1

Spruce up your classroom windows and walls with these Independence Day-themed borders.

4th July page borders 2

Same theme, different design: adorn your classroom walls with Independence Day themed borders.

War of Independence

Examine and dissect this important historical event, and find out how the Americans were able to gain their independence from the British.

Sages and heroes of the American Revolution

Look into the past with Project Gutenberg and discover the heroes that led the line during the American Revolution.

The only woman in the town and other tales of the American Revolution

Study the rich story-filled years of the American Revolution with these popular tales of the time, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.

A PowerPoint about America

With the aid of colour and a simple structure ease your students into the topic of Independence Day by introducing the land that celebrates it.

Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence

Transport your students to the year 1776 with this Encyclopaedia Britannica dramatisation of events surrounding the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Sesame Street: Jefferson needs a quill

Learn how the Declaration of Independence began with the loveable characters of Sesame Street.

The Declaration of Independence: America

This Project Gutenberg ebook gives students the chance to read about the Declaration of Independence.