Inspire your students to a career in STEM

Inspire your students to a career in STEM

Science, technology, engineering and maths are fields where new discoveries and huge leaps in understanding are being made every day. Show your students how fun and exciting working in STEM can be and challenge the misconceptions that still persist around the subjects with this great range of resources.

Video interviews with STEM professionals from icould

icould have teamed up with TES to share over 2,500 videos to help with career guidance and information.

Discovering technicians

Technicians from a range of industries explain to icould what their jobs involve.

Bridge engineer: case study

James Best explains to icould why "bridges are the icing of engineering".

Syndicate actuary: case study

Angela Baxter talks about the path she took to become a syndicate actuary in an interview with icould.

Formulation scientist: case study

Ryan Sibartie explains the role of a formulation scientist to icould.

More STEM career videos from icould by subject:


More STEM videos

Videos from

Apprentice engineer: case study

Design and technology enthusiast Jake is an apprentice in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Chartered civil engineer: case study

Liz is a chartered civil engineer managing a railway embankment stabilisation scheme.

Snowboard technician

In this inspiring interview we hear from a snowboard entrepreneur who overcame difficulties with maths and now runs her own business.

Videos from the Institute of Physics

Efficient energy in architecture

In this video, architects are interviewed about how STEM subjects impact architecture.

Solar energy

Learn about how STEM careers are creating a new future with green energy.

Computer games and physics

Take a look at how physics is helping to shape computer games.

STEM Career Guidance

STEM careers profiles

25 STEM careers profiles by Science and Plants, ranging from agricultural consultant to toxicologist.

STEM careers poster

This colourful poster from Practical Action illustrates STEM careers that could make a difference.

STEM work experience

A quick guide for STEM work experience placements.

Choosing careers

In this Teachers TV video, students meet research scientists, engineers and project managers.

STEM employer case studies

A selection of case studies about key STEM employers.

STEM ambassadors

Information packs and case studies on the STEM Ambassadors programme.

STEM Careers: what, how, why?

Why be a scientist?

In this video by the At-Bristol Science Centre a planetary researcher talks enthusiastically about life as a scientist.

Jobs for scientists

An A-Z of science jobs, useful as a starter or a careers talk.

Careers from biology

This resource from the Wellcome Trust highlights a diverse range of jobs that can follow on from studying biology.

Next steps – Options after a bioscience degree

This resource from The Society of Biology details a range of career options for Bioscience students at the end of their study.

What is engineering?

This PowerPoint from Engineering UK examines the role of an engineer.

Routes into engineering

Clear up the confusion around engineering careers with this helpful guide from The Royal Academy of Engineering.


In this Teachers TV video, students learn about engineering through the context of theme park rides, and conduct mock interviews for a structural engineering job.

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