Inspiring reluctant writers

A whole lot of ideas to get you and your pupils inspired! Includes ideas for visual literacy, using web tools and so much more!

Collection created by Bev Evans

Whiteboard literacy - story starts

  • Seven video story starts with advice on how they can be used in the classroom. Teachers TV

Great websites for creating storybooks

  • A useful list of websites for supporting the teaching of literacy and inspiring reluctant writers. bevevans22

Doctor Who

  • A cross curricular plan to help with ideas around a topic based theme. Includes practical ideas that could be a good starting point for writing. Laura George

Creative writing with ICT and art

  • A lesson plan, and supporting guidance, designed to encourage thought and engagement with ideas for a piece of creative writing/short story. SpecialRach

Digital storytelling tools online

  • Video showing a selection of great free resources that can be used to present ideas or as an alternative way of creating stories. bevevans22

Visual literacy images

  • Comprehensive set of resources to support visual literacy with a useful intro presentation for those not familiar with the idea. estelle b

Creative ways to teach literacy

  • A simple download with a selection of helpful ideas that can be used across a number of age groups SAGEeducation

Visual literacy resources online

  • A short video showing where to find beautiful images or virtual environments to inspire writing. Supporting PowerPoint includes some of the images showcased in the video. bevevans22

Pie Corbett KS2 creative writing activities

  • Two simple but useful ideas with supporting images. Targeting KS2 but could be useful to use with older pupils too. Nelson Thornes Primary

Darren Price: Use of iPads and game-based learning

  • A resource that could easily be missed due to the title this includes useful lists of apps and other ideas plus lesson plans linked to both numeracy and literacy, including a section on using film and visual literacy. Price2710

Digital literacy across the curriculum

  • Booklet which looks at creative and critical uses of technology in the classroom. Some great ideas on how to use technology in a creative manner. Futurelab

Using Audacity in storytelling

  • Tutorial video giving hints on how to use Audacity as a storytelling tool. A brilliant tool to use with pupils who may need additioanal help presenting or recording written ideas. bevevans22

Kodu and English

  • A tutorial and lesson plan linking programming in ICT to literacy skills. Jan Webb

Traditional tales PowerPoint and writer’s craft

  • Introductory PowerPoint that can be used to familiarise children with initial passage and to explore several possible continuations. Comes with a supporting, editable worksheet. Alice K

iPads in the classroom

  • An extensive site of information regarding the use of iPads in the classroom. Includes many links to apps that can be used in literacy in addition to links that are excellent for other areas of SEN. jwinchester

Using ToonDoo to create a comic strip

  • A website that allows pupils to create simple, content rich comic strips. Once created, the strips can be saved, mashed up or assembled into a book. Under Ten Minutes

Vision magazine

  • Magazine in pdf format that includes an interview with literacy guru Tim Rylands and associated useful links. Also has other interesting articles linked to the use of drama and assistive technology. Futurelab

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