Interfaith teaching resources

Different faiths have different celebrations, methods of prayer and sites of worship, but they all share the ability to encourage people to think morally about the world in which they live. Use these free lesson plans, activities and teaching resources to celebrate Interfaith Week (16-22 November) and reflect on the similarities between faiths, celebrate diversity and build good relationships between religious groups.

Shared morals

Encourage students to treat others the way they want to be treated with this TrueTube assembly focusing on the common features religions share.

Circle of life

This presentation explores how birth, becoming an adult, marriage and death are commemorated by different faiths.


Use this starter activity to explore the positives and negatives of a diverse society.

Faith in Britain

Introduce your students to the religions practised across Britain with this concise and clear presentation.

Questions on abortion

Many religious groups have spoken out against abortion, but what do the major faiths actually preach? Find out with this booklet from edforchoice.

Faith at the doctors

This colourful PowerPoint introduces Christian and Muslim beliefs about medical issues such as fertility treatment and organ donors. There’s an interactive Blockbuster quiz to finish too.

Different but equal

Show students how people of different faiths have fought against prejudice and discrimination with this PowerPoint about racism, sexism and religious segregation.

The ethicist

This resource is jam-packed with ethical questions and is a great way to encourage students to think about the moral issues we all face.

Talking to each other

Examples of interfaith organisations are given in this brief, but informative, handout.

Does difference matter?

This resource contains a starter quiz, key word, discussion points and essay-writing pointers to help students learn about the issues of a multicultural society in this comprehensive lesson.

Holy Land

Explore the religious importance of sacred places and get students to design a shared Holy Land with this QCDA_Resources unit of work.

Interfaith debate

A Christian, an atheist and a Muslim discuss their opinions on moral issues in this video from CLEO.

Twenty world views

Help students understand their beliefs of different religions and other groups across the globe with these profiles; also great for research or for display.

How did it all begin?

How the Earth began is a topic that is regularly debated. Explore religious and scientific points of view in this assembly from TrueTube.

Young voices

Listen to young people talk about their experience of faith in videos created for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation short film competition.