International Literacy Day resources

International Literacy Day is held annually on September 8th to raise awareness of the significance of literacy for individuals and societies. It also marks the day that UNESCO releases information about literacy rates around the world. Use these resources to emphasise the importance of literacy to your students and to get them improving their skills.


Let’s make letters

This animated presentation demonstrates how to form each letter and supports students as they learn to write.

Little Red Riding Hood story sack

Oh what big teeth you have! Dive into the Little Red Riding Hood story and practise literacy skills with this comprehensive resource.

Phonic fish

Jump into the deep and practise phonics skills with your students using these colourful fishy flashcards.

Spelling handbook

This comprehensive handbook contains everything you need to practice those tricky spellings.

Letter formation

Use this literacy activity from TES ABC to help your students practice their upper and lower case letter formation.

Pirate alphabet display

Shiver me timbers! Decorate your classroom with these colourful alphabet displays from TES ABC.

Literacy targets

These child-friendly worksheets will help children keep track of their currents writing targets.

Jack and the Beanstalk ideas

Help your students to climb the literacy beanstalk with this list of activities linked to Jack’s classic tale.

Cluedo literacy

Time to play literacy detective; can you discover who stole Lord Branston Pickle’s special item?

Phonics screening

Prepare for the phonics screening with this comprehensive resource including example words.


Flashcards: grammar basics

Reinforce basic grammar rules with these flashcards from the TES Resource Team.

Film guide

This guide from Into Film looks at the power of storytelling and developing imagination.

Literacy Plasters

There’s been an incident! These eye catching literacy plasters can be used as a marking aid and are useful for correcting common mistakes.

Apostrophe quiz

Where should it go? Practise the correct placement of apostrophes with this sign based quiz.


Get those brain cogs turning with this worksheet; they’re going to practise their homophones over there.

Spelling and grammar posters

Decorate your classroom with these posters to reinforce spelling and grammar for your students.

Literacy mat

Make sure your students remember basic literacy rules with this colourful resource.

Creative writing and literacy

Practise creative writing skills and encourage students to think about the importance of literacy with this resource from SendMyFriend.

Lego sentence building

Use this Lego themed literacy resource to help students develop their sentence building skills.